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Create Your Own Digital Pet World With Our Cryptokitties Clone
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Create Your Own Digital Pet World With Our Cryptokitties Clone
Blockchain Games

Create Your Own Digital Pet World With Our Cryptokitties Clone

Revolutionize the blockchain game industry with our Cryptokitties Clone Service

Mar 09, 2023

CryptoKitties is a blockchain-powered Dapp game developed by Canadian studio Dapper Labs and it allows players to buy, sell, and create NFTs using Ethereum. Cryptokitties is a game that is based on breeding and collecting cats that are so-called Cryptokitties. Every cat is unique and gamers can own them. The owned cats cannot be replicated, destroyed, or taken away. 

CryptoKitties Clone 

Probing about the Cryptokitties Game and excited to develop your own Cryptokitties Game? AssetfinX is there to develop and deploy your Cryptokitties clone gaming solution more uniquely. A Cryptokitties Clone game is a replica of the market-available Cryptokitties game. 

It inherits all the features and functional elements of the original Cryptokitties Game. The software code structure is built on the Ethereum blockchain. The game allows gamers to breed rare characters and can use them to level up the game, and they can sell the characters in an NFT marketplace. 

White Label Cryptokitties Clone 

A White label Cryptokitties clone is a market-ready NFT game that can be customized based on the client's requirements and their target audience. We also develop clone scripts from scratch for investors who would like to transform the whole game to dominate and attract users globally. But it takes more months to deploy when compared to the market-ready solutions.

Features Of Our CryptoKitties Clone 

  • Customized Avatars
  • Smart Contract 
  • Mint Your Kitty
  • Hunt limited edition Fancy cats
  • Breed Your Own Avatar
  • Clock Auction
  • Play games in the KittyVerse
  • Buy & sell kitties within the community
  • Crack puzzles next to other players
  • Create digital cat collections & Earn rewards

Security Features Of Our CryptoKitties Clone 

  • Two-factor Authentication
  • Advanced CMS
  • Liquidity Management
  • Auto withdrawal option
  • Built-in integrated wallet
  • Multi-language Support
  • Universal payment options

How Our CryptoKitties Clone Gained Spotlight?

Despite many gaming solutions and platforms, Cryptokitties have gained popularity among gamers. It gained its spotlight a few days after its official release. Listed below are some of the elements that make our Cryptokitties Clone script exquisite.

  • Smart Contracts help in tracking the ownership
  • In-Built integrated wallet
  • Flexible payment options
  • Non-fungible Token ERC721
  • 4 Billion variations of Pheno and Genotypes.
  • Breed a new offspring by two cryptokitties
  • No-frills fueling of transactions including purchasing and breeding.
  • Automatic withdrawal option

How does Our Cryptokitties Clone Work?

Blockchain technology is ruling the digitalized world with its decentralized nature. Hence, it is adopted by every business and industry irrespective of the field it may be. The following details about how our Cryptokitties clone script works.

Gamers should sign up officially for using the platform with their email id and nickname. They will never demand to fill out any lengthy registration form.

Wallet Integration
After signing up, integrate your wallet into the gaming platform as it is vital. The main objective of the game is to buy, breed, trade avatars, and more.

Avatars for sale
To initiate the gameplay, players should first purchase unique avatars from a marketplace with their digital wallets. Gamers can buy avatars as desired irrespective of the count.

Gamers can participate in battles. Battles take place on the site and gamers can invite avatars to experience the gameplay. Gamers can compete with other opponent players and can earn rewards after winning the game.  

Users can sell and auction their avatars at any time during their gameplay on a marketplace. They can furnish their minimal auction price and can trade them within a tight timeframe.

Perks Gained By Leveraging Our Cryptokitties Clone 

Enhanced security
The main benefit of developing and using a Cryptokitties clone script is that it provides enhanced security as it is decentralized by nature. Blockchain technology provides an environment that is free from hacks and threats.

Deployment time
The advantage of using an existing platform is that it saves investors time and money.  The development time of developing a clone platform is much less when compared to developing a game solution from scratch. Instead of spending months to develop and deploy a gaming platform from scratch, you can buy our ready-made solution as it is devised after knowing the market strategies and analysis.

By choosing our market-ready solutions investors can create a cost-effective and potential future platform as they are featured packed and functions in a hassle-free manner.

Why Choose AssetfinX To Develop Your Cryptokitties Clone Game?

AssetfinX is a pre-eminent Blockchain Game Development Company that has developed and deployed Blockchain-powered gaming solutions with professional blockchain developers. Crypokitties clone is a replica of the Cryptokitties game but we develop the platform in our own way with advanced technologies that is feature drenched. We acknowledge our client's basic requirements and needs during the development process. We value our clients and give priority to quality output without meeting the project deadline. 

Why choose us,

  • 24/7 Assistance
  • On-time delivery
  • Avant-garde White label solutions
  • 100% customizable
  • ERC-721 token standard
  • Advanced CMS.

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