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White Label
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Gain 100% attention from global traders and yield 10X ROI by launching a cryptocurrency exchange with Assetfinx's feature-rich, bug-free white-label cryptocurrency exchange software

White Label Crypto Exchange Software Development Company

White Label Crypto Exchange Software Development Company

White Label Crypto Exchange Software Development is intended to deliver a cost-effective solution for the cryptoprenuers who aim for an instant deployment of the crypto trading platform. Implementation of White Label Crypto Exchange Software is done in no time and it hardly takes 2-3 weeks to build an entire crypto exchange platform. Costly mistakes are prevented as this White Label Crypto Exchange Software is pre-built, tested at multiple layers, and doesn’t even require supervision at any stage.

As a complete full-fledged package our White Label Crypto Exchange Software from Assetfinx, promises you to enter into the market faster than you ever imagined. Our goal is to support the young crypto freaks who aim to enter into this billion-dollar crypto industry. We address your customization demands, goals, and ideas, to create a unique spell in your crypto exchange.

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Features Of White Label Crypto Exchange Software

Features Of White Label

Features Of White Label Crypto Exchange Software


Enhancing liquidity in the crypto trading platform paves the way to initiate buy/sell more efficiently.

Wallet Integrated


Secure your crypto belongings efficiently with a passcode to safeguard it from 3 parties.

Automated KYC/AML


Guarantees authorized user’s to access the crypto exchange platform with this supporting feature, called “Automated KYC/AML”.

Multi Coins Wallet

Multi Coins

Permits users to store multiple distinct crypto assets so an end-user can access multiple cryptocurrencies as per their needs.

Token Adding Tool

Adding Tool

Creates provision to add new cryptocurrencies that’s fresh into the crypto market.

Payment Gateway


A payment gateway system is initiated to successfully facilitate crypto payments for merchants who wish to make an exchange.

Customizable UI/UX


Designers create a user-friendly interface by coordinating with your personalized recommendations in UI/UX designs.

Staking Module


Integrating the staking module creates a new alternative way for crypto holders to earn rewards for locking their cryptocurrency.

Benefits Of White Label Crypto Exchange Software Development

Benefits Of White Label Crypto Exchange Software Development

Quickly Enter Into Crypto Business

Investors can quickly compete with other competitors in the industry by creating brand awareness, enhancing their traffic rate in exchanges, etc.



Time to portray your creativity in the crypto trading industry, as White Label Crypto Exchange Software is flexible to add multiple customizations, add-on features, etc.

Tamper Proof & Bug-Free

Tamper Proof & Bug-Free

Code successfully passes several stages of testing to make it bug-free and tamper-proof. Without any labor work & effort, this software can meet any deadlines.

Improvised Security Mechanisms

Improvised Security Mechanisms

There is no space for insecurity as we offer enriched secured code that strictly prevents vulnerabilities.

Fast Return On Investment

Fast Return On Investment

Faster ROI is generated by the investors as they can get faster returns in taking back their money. Onetime investments leads to life-long revenue.

Why Choose Assetfinx For White Label Crypto Exchange Software Development?

Assetfinx’s tailor-made crypto exchange software requires very few customizations to launch a secured crypto trading platform. According to your specific demands, we add extra features, personalized interfaces, company branding, etc. So here are some perks of opting our team,


Less Time To Market

Saves your precious time as white-label crypto exchange software is a ready-made solution. Technically it’s valuable as you can gain global investors’ attention in a shorter span



The utmost benefit of choosing a white-label crypto exchange software solution is, budget-friendliness. Assetfinx’s quotes prices at a reasonable cost and it varies upon the customizations you add.


No Extra Expenses

Greater transparency is offered by our team, which makes you free from hidden costs & expenditures. Concurrently, you never require to invest in hiring dedicated employees to fine-tune your white-label crypto exchange software.


Guaranteed ROI

When your requirements meet the industrial demands it is a sure shot for success. Now it’s time to spice up your revenue by investing in this billion-dollar crypto industry.


Assetfinx, helps you in delivering a budget-friendly solution for the investors who wish to start their own crypto-friendly white-label crypto exchange platform

Go for the easiest solution, rather than spending your dollars by building it from the bottom of line. White-label solution, is quick to deploy, saves your time and energy, plus it saves your precious time,etc.

Considerably it takes only fewer days to launch a crypto exchange if you consider a white-label solution. Once it is market ready, the average time taken is about few weeks.

Yes! Absolutely, time waits for none. Even the successful investors prefers for the easiest solution to make a revolution in the crypto circle.

Only a professional developer from a reputed white label crypto exchange software development company can assist you with quality services to launch a crypto exchange platform.