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NFTs In Role Play Game Development - How It Impacts the Gaming Industry?

Find out how nfts are impacting the gaming industry also find out their importance in role play game development
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What are Role Play Games?

Role play games are the type of online video games, which comes under the fictional, fantasy, and adventurous games category. In RPG games, players live in the game world, by assuming the role of a character they choose. The Player will have the responsibility to control and develop a character or group of characters. Players can grow their character through several activities like teaching, training, and feeding. It may differ based on the game's functionality.

Types of Role Play Games You Should Know

  • Trading Card / Collectible Games
  • Wargames 
  • Strategy Game
  • Massive Multiplayer Online RPG Games (MMORPG)
  • Action RPGs

And more.

What’s more to get excited? As reported by statista.com, the total revenue of RPG games could reach $72.3 Billion in 2022, and its market volume could reach $80 billion by 2026.  Role Play Games are at Peak Of the Mountain, the arrival of NFTs - Non Fungible Tokens could be the rocket booster for the gaming industry, especially role play games (RPG).

This article is gonna give you a  glimpse of how NFTs can create impacts in role-play games, and role play game development, and the benefits of NFTs in RPG games. Scroll down to know more.

NFTs In Role Play Game Development

NFTs are creating unbelievable changes in the gaming industry. NFTs are simply acting like rewards or in-game assets in RPG games. Before NFTs, there were no guarantees for players to secure their game assets, especially in play-to-earn and role play games. Since NFTs are made in blockchain, they ensure the security of users game assets. The arrival of NFTs creates a big possible way for gamers to earn while they play, also they could secure their assets even if the game is available. 

Benefits Of NFTS In Role Play Game

  • NFTs can provide ownership of the in-game assets
  • Gamers can easily exchange or shift their assets to any wallet which may be tied up with other external games. 
  • NFTs bring more possible revenue treams to RPG games,
  • Using NFTs Players can purchase game Assets to unlock the next Level.
  • NFTs can be used to tokenize characters, powers, game properties, weapons, and more.

There are “N” number of benefits in creating NFT-based RPG Games, and it would guarantee the game owner, to derive more Revenue Streams, as per the game plan as well as the business plan.

Staggering Statistics Of RPG Games

  • The Market Value Of the RPG Game Is Expected to rise at the rate of 9.22% CAGR to reach nearly $22, 500 Million by 2023. ( Report By thebusinessresearchcompany
  • The total Sales Volume of Illuvium , the open-world MMORPG Game is $6.44, which expected to release in 2022.
  • Advertising Revenue through RPG games would hit around $33.31 billion in 2022

And more.

Countries that Gain More Revenue Through RPG Games



Top 5 Role Play Games To Watch Out in 2022

The List could extend into an uncountable queue, but for you we extract the "best from the best crypto RPG games" that could rock in 2022

  • Illuvium (Ethereum Blockchain)
  • Guild Of Guardians ( Ethereum Blockchain)
  • Binemon ( Draken Blockchain)
  • MyCryptoHeroes( Ethereum)
  • Lost Relics ( Ethereum)

And more.

Advantages Of Creating NFT RPG Games

Creating RPG Games With NFT will mostly solve the issues, in security and ownership of the digital assets also the presence of NFT will result in high ROI as game rewards. 

What’s more...?

  • Provide Digital Ownership For The Players and Game Assets.
  • Scarcity.
  • Interoperability.
  • Immutability.
  • Marketing Prospects.

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