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My Neighbor Alice Clone: Crafting Your Own Alice-Inspired World With Fantasy Islands & Avatars
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My Neighbor Alice Clone: Crafting Your Own Alice-Inspired World With Fantasy Islands & Avatars

My Neighbor Alice Clone: Crafting Your Own Alice-Inspired World With Fantasy Islands & Avatars

Step into a world of creativity by building your own wonderland with "My Neighbor Alice" Clone!

May 08, 2023

Metaverse is one of the fast-growing sectors in terms of market share and prosperity. It is definitely worth, as a lump sum of dollars getting circulated day by day in this realm. Being a mainstream source of a revenue generator, the VR gaming world further started to flourish on several blockchains like Ethereum, Tron, and Solana. One such game is MyNeighborAlice. It is a popular multiplayer game built on the Chromia blockchain network. Many gamers and gaming freaks are certainly attracted to this game, due to its exceptional gaming experience. 

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MyNeighborAlice Clone

MyNeighbourAlice Clone is a pre-defined solution to build a blockchain-backed game exactly similar to ‘MyNeighborAlice’. It replicates the in-game assets and virtual islands that make the player to explore the world of fantasy islands in Metaverse. As inspired by many fantasy games in virtual reality, this game also offers a stunning gaming experience for players that allows them to buy & sell their virtual plots of land.

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Features Of  “MyNeighborAlice” Clone

Virtual Islands
Virtual land parcels can be bought in a marketplace where every piece of land is sold in the form of NFT tokens. 

In-Game Assets
Purchasing an In-game asset makes your gaming environment look unique and peculiar from other players. 

ALICE Tokens
The native token of MyNeighborAlice is the “ALICE Token”. A player can exchange their NFTs with the help of this official token. Later they can use this token for staking, buying & exchanging their own assets. 

Avatars actually represent a player in the form of a character in the game. Players can personalize their own avatar by purchasing in-game assets like outfits for an avatar, powerups, hats, boots, etc. 

A virtual marketplace is a storefront where players can purchase whatever they require to upgrade their gaming level. 

What Makes “MyNeighborAlice” Unique?

Blockchain-based in-game assets
ALICE token in this game is reflected in the ratio of 1:1 on a blockchain. It is an Ethereum-based ERC-20 token, safely protected by a POW network on top of a blockchain. 

MyNeighborAlice is designed in a way that yields more staking rewards to the users. It acts as a turnover in yielding passive income for a player. 

Lending and borrowing
It acts as a trustless lending platform that’s exclusively developed for players in MyNeighborAlice. When an NFT rental period gets over, the tokens are guaranteed to be returned back to the lender.

Source: Cointelegraph

How Does "MyNeighborAlice" Work?

MyNeighborAlice game functions exceptionally as it creates a user-friendly environment for the players to engage, communicate and mingle with other players in the game. A player in this game has endless possibilities to explore the VR worlds and islands in My Neighbor Alice. No limitations exist in this game as a user can upgrade their avatar according to their expectations & preferences. 

MyNeighborAlice game consists of many virtual islands, where each parcel of land is owned by an NFT owner. The land owner can further decorate and make customizations to their properties. Some restrictions are imposed in this game, as there are limitations on the amount of land that can be purchased by a player. It just regulates the value of NFTs and assures to maintain their rarity level. This game is free of cost to play but there are some transaction fees imposed on a player while exchanging their assets. 

Why Choose Assetfinx For 'MyNeighborAlice" Clone Development?

Assetfinx - Top-tier Metaverse Development Company steps forward in collaborating with our clients who are in need of an instant solution to build their own gaming platform. We have a ready-made solution for games in the form of Clone Script that lets our clients to customize the script as per their demands and goals. It covers customizations like avatars, lands, islands, and overall gaming experience. To get more insights on our MyNeighborAlice Clone Development, get in touch with our professionals by chatting with us via Whatsapp, Telegram, or Skype.  

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