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Metaverse Is Shaking Up Our Real Estate Industry - Explore!
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Metaverse Is Shaking Up Our Real Estate Industry - Explore!

Metaverse Is Shaking Up Our Real Estate Industry - Explore!

Is metaverse real estate booming? ASSETFINX may help you to decide and invest in real estate.

Apr 13, 2022

Digital Real Estate in the Metaverse

Is metaverse real estate booming? ASSETFINX may help you to decide and invest in real estate.

The metaverse itself is made up of multiple digital platforms, each functionality is different and works with its own currency or token and culture. 

Assume that metaverse as a solar system and the platforms within it as different planets.

A metaverse is a place where the world peoples ups and downs are broken down and anything is possible.

That's what commercial players like JP Morgan, Death Row Records, MoviePass, McDonald's, and Walmart, as well as hundreds of people and some businesses across the globe, are banking on.

It doesn't take any particular hardware to access the metaverse, but digital real estate investing defines exchanging your cash for the cryptocurrency of the platform where you're getting more benefits in purchasing virtual real estate.

ASSETFINX - A leading Metaverse Development Company provides you with Some of the most popular platforms clones for virtual real estate that include Decentraland, The Sandbox, CryptoVoxels, and Somnium Space.

How Real Estate is Booming in the Metaverse?

HERE is one of the real-time examples of metaverse booming: The biggest real estate deal in Metaverse was a plot of virtual universe sold for a mountainous $2.43 million which represents the booming of metaverse real estate.

Investors are now converging to the metaverse, or a virtual immersive 3D world, where anyone can create their characters called avatars and interact with others in real-time and buy/sell products including real estate. 

This is possible with the support of technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual Reality (VR), and Augmented Reality (AR).

There are multiple virtual platforms—Decentraland, Axie Infinity, Sandbox, among others—from which user-generated digital environments can be traded (buy/sell). 

Since the trade is in the virtual world, the payment method is also digital or cryptocurrency.

Other Purposes Of Virtual Real Estate

Blockchain technology has since been incorporated into games to facilitate the ownership of in-game assets. 

  • Construct the land (build malls or shops) - either yourself or with the help of virtual land developers.

  • Run businesses or we can lease the land to other businesses so that we can gain the rent amount as profit.

  • Host professional or social gatherings

  • Reselling of land for a profit

  • Contract property for an alternate source of income

  • Create adventure parks and go on quests

Get your Future with ASSETFINX Metaverse Real Estate

All metaverse offerings, including finance, healthcare, entertainment, and other sectors, must build shop somewhere in the metaverse to reach their planned base. 

With our Assetfinx, Individuals can also invest in virtual properties for various beneficial reasons, same as the traditional real estate market, Investors can earn profit by purchasing properties and leasing them to businesses and other franchises.

Investors can also simply buy virtual properties, hold them into the future, and later flip them for a future profit.

With 500 million dollars sold just in real estate in the metaverse, within a year it will be double the benefit that the asset we invest!

The key advice of ASSETFINX for making the best out of a real estate investment is to get in early. As with everything else, early buyers can catch on quicker and are in a better position to make a profit if and when the value increases.

Investors are able to pick their property at floor price in a strategic approach that will allow the potential for higher profit as well as an easier sale just as investors do in the traditional real estate setting. 

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