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Sleep To Earn NFT: A New Opportunity To Earn Passive Income
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Sleep To Earn NFT: A New Opportunity To Earn Passive Income

Sleep To Earn NFT: A New Opportunity To Earn Passive Income

Everything you should know about Sleep To Earn NFT Platform Development

Oct 11, 2022

Outlook Of Sleep To Earn NFT

Wonder what sleep to earn NFT actually means?

The Sleep To Earn NFT concept is actually very simple, for a good quality sleep, a user is rewarded with the real token. Elaborating on this, each and every individual in this NFT ecosystem is rewarded with a token or an NFT, if they had a good nap time in their bed. Rewarded tokens can later be exchanged for any other cryptocurrencies. 

Technically speaking, sleep to earn NFT ecosystem also improvises the health of physical and mental well being of a user. A crypto user’s health is constantly being tracked with the support of a sleep tracker and so the quality of sleep is measured accurately.

Note: Native token of Sleep To Earn NFT is “$SLEEP” token.

Sleep To Earn NFT Platform Development

Sleep To Earn NFT Platform Development enables users to earn $SLEEP tokens as rewards based on their nap time. In this platform, a user is rewarded with a token by measuring the quality of sleep and based on the duration of sleep.

Our proficient developers at our team ensures to integrate sleep-to-earn Web 3.0 lifestyle apps. It promises to integrate all the avant-garde functions that is required for developing a Sleep to earn NFT project. With Assetfinx, anyone can launch an exclusive Sleep To Earn NFT Platform with fully functional features. 

Core Features Of Our Sleep To Earn NFT Development

It is a storage space to store sleep products and services. 

It is a popular in-house partner sleep clinic.

Guides the users with online educational tips for acquiring best sleep and to lead a healthy lifestyle.  

Computing, Storage, Networking, Security, Big Data and AI, for R&D purposes.

It is a popular iOS & android sleep tracker device to monitor sleeping quality.

Key Objectives Of Sleep To Earn NFT Development

Some key objectives lies in developing a sleep to earn NFT, they are.

  1. Fun and unique method to earn $SLEEP tokens.
  2. Great opportunity to earn passive income constantly.
  3. A unique chance for earning while taking rest.
  4. Encourages users to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  5. Sorts out the pitfalls like unhealthy lifestyle due to poor sleeping quality.
  6. Sleep to earn NFT ownership is secured by blockchain technology. 
  7. Ability to earn user’s trust and loyalty as you possess a unique ownership of assets.

Working Structure Of Sleep To Earn NFT Ecosystem

To get started with sleep to earn NFT, download and install it on your mobile. Some adequate information is required at the initial stage, after providing it your signup process is completed. 

Certain permissions from your phone are required before you get started. It uses some hardware on your phone to track your body movement and resting activity. By this way your quality of sleep is tracked. There is no requirement to wear wearables for tracking your sleeping quality. Just a smartphone is good enough to do. 

When more people join this community, they can also passively earn incomes and rewards. Now, the tracked sleep time can be converted into $SLEEP tokens, and later it can be withdrawn from your wallet. 

Top 3 Sleep To Earn NFT Apps

Top 3 picks of sleep to earn NFT apps are listed below.

MetaGym (MGCN)
MetaGym is a popular Sleep To Earn app that functions by undertaking a core feature called  Sleep-fi. First an avatar can be choosed, then the mode of play can be choosed and finally a user can earn based on the chosen mode of play. An user can earn upto 100 $MGCN /per day.

SleeFi (SLFT)
It is another popular web3 lifestyle app, that takes the sleep-to-ean module as a core functionality. Working style of this app is extremely easy, once the download and sign up process is completed, with the wallet support Avalanche is transferred, a bed is purchased, and then a player starts earning. Once enough rest is gained, the rewards are added based on the quality of sleep.

Sleep Future (SLEEPEE)
Daily sleep is constantly monitored and based on the sleep score a $SLEEPEE cryptocurrency is awarded to an user. With the earned reward any product can be bought at the sleepstore.

Sleep To Earn NFT Development Company

Assetfinx being an industry leader in developing NFT Platforms, we offer promising solutions to create a Sleep To Earn NFT platform. Our solutions assist any individual business freaks who look forward to enter into this money making stream. 

We do offer solutions for building your Sleep To Earn NFT Platform from scratch and also we have white-label solutions to assist you instantly. With our 100% customizable solutions one can quickly deploy the Sleep To Earn NFT Platform at the fastest duration. If you are interested in building a lucrative platform you can feel free to consult our experts at Assetfinx. 

Why Prefer Assetfinx?

  • Safe investment
  • Perfect outcomes
  • Beyond assistance
  • Open to customizations
  • Secured and transparent solutions
  • Tailored coding standards
  • Certified developers
  • Cost-effective solutions
  • Blockchain-driven solutions
  • Tech-Stack experts

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FAQ - Sleep To Earn NFT Development

Pricing for solutions differs based on specifications of your requirements.

Building a Sleep To Earn NFT platform is a time taking process and it requires lots of effort, so a professional can help you.

MetaGym, SleeFi, Sleep Future.

A certified developer from our team analyzes and gathers requirements to build a customer friendly sleep to earn NFT project.

It depends on multiple factors like, project scale and transparency, features that you wish to integrate, etc.

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