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Metaverse Theatre Development: Innovative Approach To Watch Films On VR World
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Metaverse Theatre Development: Innovative Approach To Watch Films On VR World

Metaverse Theatre Development: Innovative Approach To Watch Films On VR World

Metaverse Theatre: Experience the Cinema in a New Way

Apr 25, 2023

Metaverse Meets The Theatre - Overview

Metaverse is a popular buzzword that never fails to capture the hearts of millions of users, boundlessly. No borders and limits exist to stop the growth of Metaverse in 2023. It has taken a giant leap in the entertainment industry and never fails to impress movie enthusiasts across the horizons. 

Early, people watched movies in a single-screen theatre, but now it has evolved to screening movies in multiplexers & megaplexes, IMAX, RealD 3D, etc. It acts as live proof in the evolution of the entertainment industry. The entertainment & filmmaking industry has started taking a massive move by stepping into Metaverse. It enables users to comfortably watch a live realistic movie on 3D screens in Metaverse Theatre, just by wearing a VR/AR device. 

The adoption of movie production & screening on Metaverse has already started influencing youngsters in rich nations like the US, Canada, Mexico, India, China, Brazil, Argentina, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, & more. Their interest and love towards Metaverse, makes it successful in distinct genres like Metaverse In Virtual Mall, Metaverse In Event Platform, Metaverse In Travel & Tourism, Metaverse In Fashion Store, Metaverse In Restaurants, etc. 

Take your first move in this gigantic Metaverse industry, by collaborating with developers at Assetfinx. We work towards creating a change in the theatrical experience, by coordinating with entertainment companies who wish to enter into Metaverse. Several tech giants & entertainment industry join hands with our Metaverse developers to create a spectacular cinematic experience in Metaverse Theatre.  Why not you?

Keep reading to catch more insights on Metaverse theatre development!

Shemaroo - First Ever Media Company To Launch Theatre On Metaverse

Shemaroo Entertainment has announced its big launch On Metaverse, they are set to release their first-ever Metaverse Theatre. It’s quite evitable that people are eagerly waiting for a remarkable screening experience in VR. Adding fuel to it, some of the pleasing features that they stand to offer to users are countless. With the Shemaroo Entertainment industry, VR users can enjoy watching the virtual trailer, theater lobby, box office counter, and movies with their favorite popcorn and drinks. 

Source: The Economic Times 

Salient Features Of Metaverse Theatre

Virtual Ticket Booking
A virtual ticket center is available 24/7 for users to book their own tickets in Metaverse. Long queues are avoided by this fantabulous approach to book tickets.  

Visual 3D Experience
With VR/AR devices a user can visualize themself sitting in a theatre and watching movies with popcorn. 3D graphical representation actually makes a user seated in a cinema hall.  

Food and Beverages
Disables the struggles faced in real-life like standing in a long queue for buying desired snacks. Instead in Metaverse Theatre, one can take a quick view of the menu and what is being served in the theatre. 

Easy Remote Interaction
Communication can be established in a hassle-free way that enables users to interact with the authorities in the cinema hall.

Movie Scenes
Entire movie films and scenes can be watched in Metaverse, which includes all genres of movies like action movies, thriller movies, friction movies, comedy genres, & more. 

Live Entertainment
Film premiers are also streamed live in Metaverse theatre making it even more fascinating and entertaining. 

Metaverse Theatre Development

Metaverse Theatre Development is developed with the intent of grabbing the attention of VR users, who have an interest in watching movies in theaters. Entire Theater experience is recreated and developed in Metaverse using augmented reality and virtual reality. In spite of developing Metaverse Theatre, we Assetfinx, develop other Metaverse objects like popcorn, Food and Beverages In Metaverse, etc, while watching a movie in VR. 

How  VR & AR Changed Immersive Metaverse Theatre? 

The implementation of augmented reality and virtual reality creates a drastic change in the world of the entertainment industry. The report says, VR entertainment industry capitalizes more than $60 billion dollars in 2019, with immersive theater contributing just over $28 million dollars to the total. 

The computer-generated environment using AR and VR technology makes virtual theatre more realistic for screening movies. AR and VR offer an appealing look to the users and so a user feels like they are immersed in the VR surroundings. AR utilizes the 3D imaging processors of the navigation systems to work on Metaverse. 

The Future of Theatre in Metaverse

Theatre’s in Metaverse is predicted to have a great future in the upcoming years. As of now, several reports say, 12.3M users attended the Travis Scott concert, and 10M attended DJ and music producer Marshmello’s Fortnite event. So there are no second thoughts about the future of theatre in Metaverse. More opportunities lie for the theatre business to kick start in the next 5 years. A new world is set to open as the cinema industry takes a step toward turning the impossible into real. 

Why Hire Developers For Metaverse Theatre Development?

Time to join hands with Metaverse developers to recreate your imaginary theatre in Metaverse instantly. You can be a part of the Metaverse realm if you launch your own cinematic immersive Metaverse Theatre. Hiring an expert from Assetfinx, is a cost-effective way to launch a Metaverse Theatre. By the way, young entrepreneurs can turn their vision into real in a fraction of a second. As a professional Metaverse Development Company, we deal with enterprise and entrepreneurs who is in seek of a Metaverse Development Service. Top-notch services ranging from Metaverse Avatar Creation, Metaverse Game Development, Metaverse Casino Game Development, Metaverse Virtual Mall Development, Metaverse Fashion Store Development, etc are offered by our skillful team at Asstfinx. 

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