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Splinterlands Clone: To Launch A NFT Trading Card Game On Hive Blockchain
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Splinterlands Clone: To Launch A NFT Trading Card Game On Hive Blockchain

Splinterlands Clone: To Launch A NFT Trading Card Game On Hive Blockchain

Conquer the Realm: Dive Into Splinterlands NFT Trading Card Game

Jun 08, 2023

What Is Splinterlands?

Splinterlands is an innovative NFT card game that runs on top of the blockchain network. Ownership of the digital trading card game can be possessed by players so that it allows them to take complete ownership of the trading card. 

Trading cards in the Splinterlands game have their own set of specialties. Players can use those special features in different types. Some players use them to battle and earn rewards in the game, whereas some use them for trading purposes or even keep it as their own valuable NFT collection. This digital asset can be burnt to earn Dark Energy Crystals (DEC). So, its purpose varies and it completely depends upon the players who own it. 

How Does Splinterlands Work?

Get started with Splinterlands, with the below simple process!

Players in the Splinterlands, create a deck of cards so that they can compete in a game with the other players to earn rewards. Just with the email, a player can signup with the Splinterlands NFT game. In order to collect the NFT rewards earned by winning in Splinterlands, a player needs to have a Hive account. 

Splinterlands website can be accessed just by login with the hive account. A hive account eliminates the need for any 3-third parties to hold your assets. A player can take complete control over their assets by eliminating all the other third parties. 

Entire transaction records are stored on the hive blockchain. If a player makes a purchase of a deck of cards, then the transaction is stored as a record in Hive. It completely says about the ownership details, etc. Taking gaming to the next level, real-time matching is enabled that combines players of the same skill levels. 

Each game has its own set of rules and it varies accordingly. Once each player's deck is submitted, the game plays out as an auto-battler and the player who defeats all of their opponent's monster cards first wins.

Is It Worth Investing In Splinterlands?

The value of the trading cards never gets dull, and it continues to spice up gradually. Splinterland's popularity is growing ever since its launch in 2019. Many youngsters are thinking of investing in Spliterlands like an NFT trading card game. 

To monitor its success, numerous factors like gaming updates and trends are continuously been monitored. You’re probably wondering, is Splinterlands a good investment? Is Splinterlands still profitable in 2022? 

Yes, you can earn money by starting a similar NFT trading card game like Splinterlands.

Unique Gaming Components In Splinterlands

Ranked Battles
Rewards can be earned in Splinterlands by playing ranked battles. It can be done by visiting the battle page and modifying the battle type to ranked. 

Loot Chests
Loot chests are a storage spaces that can be used to store multiple assortments of currencies, items, cards, etc.

Event links can be clicked to earn in the tournaments. A wide variety of tournaments that are to be hosted is listed on the tournament page. One can earn by checking out the games via links. 

Leaderboard Rewards
Top players can compete in the game on the leaderboards dashboard. 

Trading Cards
A profit can be made by exchanging the cards via buy and sell options. On the game’s busy marketplace, one can initiate a trade to make money.

Renting Cards
To earn passive income, then renting cards could be the best choice. The rental market is built directly in Splinterlands and it’s extremely easy to use.

Now, let's talk about the Splinterlands clone script and its benefits!

Splinterlands Clone Script

Splinterlands Clone Script is a fully developed complete package that’s built after replicating the features of NFT trading cards games like Splinterlands. With this complete package, one can quickly launch a high-end digital trading card game like Splinterlands. With our Splinterlands clone script, any entrepreneur can introduce their fully decentralized Fantasy NFT Card Game that allows gamers to buy, sell, and trade digital trading cards.

Key Features Of Splinterlands Clone Script

  • Rarities
  • Stats
  • Elements
  • Abilities
  • Cards
  • Multiple Wallets
  • Multi-language Support
  • In-Game Store
  • DAO
  • NFT Marketplace

Why Prefer AssetfinX To Launch an NFT Trading Card Game Like Splinterlands?

AssetfinX - A leading NFT Development Company, offers several advantages when it comes to launching an NFT trading card game like Splinterlands. Here are some key reasons why AssetfinX is the best choice

Advanced NFT Infrastructure
AssetfinX provides a robust and scalable infrastructure specifically designed for NFT trading card games. Its advanced technology ensures seamless transactions, secure storage of digital assets, and efficient gameplay mechanics.

Customizable Game Development 
AssetfinX offers a flexible and customizable game development framework, allowing creators to design and tailor their NFT trading card game according to their vision. This ensures a unique and personalized gaming experience for players.

Integrated Marketplace 
We provide an integrated marketplace where players can easily trade their NFTs. This feature enables a vibrant and active ecosystem where players can buy, sell, and exchange their digital cards, enhancing the overall gameplay experience.

Community Engagement 
We prioritize community engagement and provide tools and features to foster an active and supportive player community. This includes social features, tournaments, leaderboards, and interactive events that promote player interaction and competition.

Cross-Chain Compatibility 
We support cross-chain compatibility, allowing the NFT trading card game to operate on multiple blockchain networks. This ensures broader accessibility and enables players to participate using their preferred blockchain, increasing the potential player base.

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