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Move-To-Earn Game Development: A Modern Move To Earn
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Move-To-Earn Game Development: A Modern Move To Earn

Move-To-Earn Game Development: A Modern Move To Earn

Take a deep dive into the Move-To-Earn NFT game development.

Sep 06, 2022

Move To Earn Games Development

Move To Earn(M2E) game development is providing avant-grade M2E gaming platform development services with next-gen features and functionalities. Our service helps you to launch your M2E game platform.

AssetfinX, a prominent Move To Earn NFT Game Development Company, offers you world class guidance in building your gaming ideas into real platforms. 

What Is the Move To Earn NFT?

The Move-to-earn platforms are now very popular among the people. This popularity is because of its innovative and unique approach. Here the users are rewarded with NFTs. The move to earn concept was first introduced by a Web3 lifestyle application called as STEPN.

The concept of M2E is nothing but that allows users to earn revenue while doing any physical activities like walking, running, dancing, playing, etc. Lately this approach has gained a lot of attention.

Popular Move-To-Earn NFT Platforms

There are so many popular move-to-earn gaming platforms in the market. All these games will operate differently and each of them will require in-game achievements such as walking, running, or winning a race. Some of the best M2E games are mentioned below.

  • MetaGym (MGCN)
  • Genopets (GENE)
  • Dotmoovs (MOOV)
  • Sweatcoin (SWEAT)
  • Step (FITFI)
  • OliveX (DOSE)
  • Calo (CALO)
  • Wirtual

Essential Features Of Move-To-Earn NFT

NFTs are the biggest introduction in the crypto space. Many business concepts emerged based on the NFT. One of such concept is M2E. This made the widespread use of NFTs even faster. People started adopting NFTs very quickly. Below are some of the features in our move to earn NFT platform.

User Profile

Every user in the M2E platform must create a profile. The profile has the user's profile picture, in-game characters, etc.


All details about your achieved and achieving goals will be available in the dashboard. The user can watch theri progress on a daily basis.


Security is very mandatory when it comes to NFT based platforms. Blockchains provide a full packed security features for the users using the M2E platform.

Location Tracking

Using the live GPS tracking, the users can track and monitor their movements in the real time applications.

Social Media Integration

The social media platform integrated in the M2E will allow users to share their achievements and it makes the signin and signup process easy. 

Set Goals

This feature allows the user to set goals on a regular basis. It can be regular movement or any other fitness activities. It helps the users to see their activities and set goals bigger than each day. This keeps the users motivated about their daily level of goals.


The blockchain brings scalability to the crypto solutions. But it the important factor for the move-to-earn platforms.

Connection With Fitness Watch

The move-to-earn platform allows fitness and smart watches to connect and helps users to track their daily activities and goals.

User-Friendly UI//UX

Easy UI/UX attracts the gamers as it improves the user experience. 

Connection With Market

The M2E gaming platforms are always connected to a NFT marketplace. Multi factor authentication should be given for trading purposes.

Reasons Behind The Popularity Of Move-To-Earn NFT Platforms

Here are few of the important reasons behind the wide spread of the move to earn platforms.

  • Businesses have started investing and betting on the largest mover-to-earn NFT gaming platforms.
  • Many people wanted to get fit post after the covid pandemic.
  • It is probably a greater opportunity to earn quicker comparing other rewarding gaming models.
  • Sharing their fitness activities on social media have now become commendable. 
  • The investors and funds managers are looking for lucrative NFT space like Earn-To-Move.

AssetfinX For Move To Earn NFT Development

I hope you have gained enough knowledge about move-to-earn. If you are interested in taking M2E NFT to the next level, then feel free to approach our team of NFT experts here at AssetfinX. We are here to bring your gaming ideas into reality.

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