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Zepeto Clone: Create Your Own Virtual Marketplace Where Fashion Meets the Metaverse
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Zepeto Clone: Create Your Own Virtual Marketplace Where Fashion Meets the Metaverse

Zepeto Clone: Create Your Own Virtual Marketplace Where Fashion Meets the Metaverse

Zepeto Clone: Create An Asia’s Large Virtual Fashion Marketplace Like Zepeto

May 10, 2023

Quick Glimpse On Zepeto 

Zepeto is a popular online social gaming platform, that allows users to craft their own avatars in the virtual world. Players can make their own selection like choosing their own outfits, hairstyles, boots, makeup, accessories, etc. 

Being Asia’s largest Metaverse platform, Zepeto is looking for a global expansion by making tie-ups with big-tech groups and brands. Ever since its launch by South Korea's Naver Group company, this gaming platform is proud to acquire 340M users, by 2018. 

Playing a dominant role in capturing a large user base, many youngsters step forward to start a K-pop fashion-based avatar platform exactly like Zepeto. Instant solutions are available in the form of Zepeto Clone, where anyone can purchase it and make modifications to the existing clone script. 

What exactly is Zepeto Clone Script?

Zepeto Clone Script

Zepeto Clone Script is a pre-defined solution exclusively built to launch a social fashion-based avatar platform in Metaverse. By purchasing an instant solution like “Zepeto Clone”, one can launch a 3D avatar platform in Metaverse at a minimal cost. Zepeto Clone even saves your time to an extent and even saves effort to maximum potential. You just need to buy this ready-made solution, if you wanna inaugurate a 3D avatar metaverse platform. 

Assetfinx - a Leading Metaverse Development Company, is one of the pioneers in offering Zepeto Clone across global nations. Our market standards and principle goals ensure that our Zepeto Clone passes various layers of regression testing. 

80% of users are teenagers in Zepeto, why not take your first move?

Key Features In Our Zepeto Clone

Facial Recognition
Accurate facial recognition feature quickly generates a 3D face model that actually matches your face. Based on the given picture, it personally creates an avatar that represents a user in Metaverse. 

Multi-dimensional Facial Feature
Parameters in the multi-dimensional feature can be accessed by anyone so they can slightly make changes to create a unique avatar. 

Rich Pre-built Materials
To add personal customizations to an avatar, new metaverse elements are introduced like styling an avatar with clothing, hats, boots, skin tone, and whatever you can think of in personalizing an avatar. 

Facial Expression Mirroring
It perfectly mirrors and replicates the facial expression of a user in real-time. Thus expressions of users are visually implemented on an avatar in Metaverse.

Speech Simulation
The shape of the user’s mouth is taken into account for matching the mouth movements in real time.

Gesture Recognition
Gestures like handshakes, and welcoming a person actually happens in Metaverse, where this feature supports the mirroring of expressions of a user in real-time. 

Current Stats

Total Prize Pool: $248,000
Peak Viewers: 38, 951
Hours Watched: 672, 110
Airtime: 92 hrs


South Korean Web 2 Metaverse Platform Zepeto Gets a Web3 Makeover - Trending In Finance

South Korean - Naver-owned social network is planning to launch ZepetoX on top of the Solana network. Being inspired by Web3 solutions, ZepetoX is launched, which comprises Web3 integrated with a crypto-enabled Metaverse platform. 

Collaboration between Naver-owned Zepeto and Jump Crypto creates a huge breakdown on Metaverse projects. About 200M dollars are spent by the government for tech startups who work on Metaverse projects. 

Source: CoinDesk

How Zepeto App Work?

Create A Profile On Zepeto
Zepeto is easy to use as this application can be simply downloaded from the play store. Just like other social media profile creation, a user must first register to create their own profile in the Zepeto app. 

Home Section In Zepeto
The home page in Zepeto exactly looks like TikTok. Based on the profile you follow, the news feeds are displayed. In addition to it, a user can access the chat rooms for connecting with the other user from any part of the world. Quests are available to earn coins and rewards on this page.

Buy Avatars & Fashion Accessories In Zepeto 
Outfits can be purchased in Zepeto for your avatar to dress up with unique clothes. Using your earned coins and gems they can be purchased accordingly. 

Become A Creator On Zepeto
“Become a creator on Zepeto” feature lets users to create their own items in the virtual world. Premium members’ creations will be reviewed much quicker than the normal ones. 

Virtual World On Zepeto
The virtual world in Zepeto can be explored by users or they can even create an imaginary VR world on Zepeto. Users can even call their friends to a VR world by inviting them. 

Why Create Your Zepeto Metaverse Platform With AssetfinX Zepeto Clone?

Asia's largest Fashion marketplace - Zepeto has 90% of its users outside South Korea. Most of the users are from China & United States. Due to the rising increase in popularity, many Metaverse enthusiasts started making their first move by starting a virtual fashion marketplace like Zepeto. With Zepeto Clone Script they are achieving their goals in no time. You can rely on Assetfinx, as we are a top-notch Zepeto Clone Script Provider.

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Closing Thoughts

K-pop fashion inspired many youngsters to start a virtual fashion Metaverse platform like Zepeto. As per the current demographic report, most users on Zepeto are female users. Inspired by its astonishing user base, many influencers started making profits by creating their own virtual fashion marketplace like Zepeto with developers' support. Join’s this realm and become the next entrepreneur. 

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