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Metaverse Game Development

Metaverse Gaming is gaining huge hype when compared to other use cases in the Metaverse industry. With new entrants in the gaming market, many investors rush forward to gain profits by starting a similar VR gaming platform. The success rate behind “Metaverse Games” is about its impeccable features offered by both virtual reality and augmented reality. As the Metaverse gaming platform connects users virtually in a shared 3D space, they can immerse themself in a VR world and interact with each other using VR devices. This real 3D virtual world supports users to socialize within the gaming environment and also trade digital assets on the platform. Many interesting predictions and facts on Metaverse Games lead to a reinforcement in investors to launch their high-end Metaverse Gaming Platform. Developing a virtual 3D gaming space in Metaverse will in return yield maximum profits for the investor.

Global gaming market

USD 36.81B in 2022 to USD 710.21B

Global Gaming Audience

$646 Million by 2023.

AR and VR gaming devices

76.7 million units by 2024.

Roblox games

reach 58.8 million
Global gaming market
Global gaming market in Metaverse is projected to increase from USD 36.81B in 2022 to USD 710.21B at a CAGR value of 38.2% from 2022 to 2027.
Global Gaming Audience
Newzoo report says, the global gaming audience level is projected to increase at 11.7% and is predicted to reach $646 Million by 2023.
AR and VR gaming devices
Exports on AR and VR gaming devices are estimated to reach a total of 76.7 million units by 2024.
Roblox games
Stats on Roblox games is predicted to reach 58.8 million daily active users, across the globe.

3D Immersive Gaming Space

3D gaming space in Metaverse promises to offer advanced graphical designs and animations to mesmerize gamers with its appealing live looks and graphics.

Action Games

Players can now battle in VR platforms on a tournament to earn rewards in the form of lottery, bumper prizes & rewards.

Adventure Games

Adventure games is a story-driven computer game genre that holds true immersive quality of graphics in Metaverse.

Casino Games

Casinos in the VR world offer an immersive betting experience that makes it distinguishable from the real world. Players can choose to play their favorite casino games.

Sports & Racing Games

Developing racing and sports games in the VR world creates a world full of new opportunities for building an ultimate Virtual Reality racing experience.

PvP Games

PVP games in VR actually refer to a player competing with the other player (AI) in an imaginary world.

Multi-sensory Games


Gaming NFTs

Social Gaming

We Create Metaverse Games

Axie Infinity Clone Script

If you want to enter the gaming industry, then make use of our Axie Infinity clone script with exceptional inclusions.

The Sandbox Clone Script

if you are a crypto enthusiast and have an idea of owning a gaming platform like Sandbox, here is a great place to reach.

Roblox Clone Script

Want to stay ahead in the competitive gaming industry? Discover the most recent developments and trends with us to stay competitive in the market.

My Neighbor Alice Clone Script

As A prominent Metaverse Game Development Company, We at Assetfinx Create breathtaking Games Like MyNeighborAlice.

Second Life Clone Script

AssetFinx’s Second Life Clone Script will start from scratch to end elegantly while providing a vast array of metaverse services.

Farmers World Clone Script

If you're one of these businesspeople, create your own gaming platform like Farmer's World on the blockchain network.

Star Atlas Clone Script

Ready to take your gaming experience to the next level? Then, start developing your game platform like Star Atlas with the support of the AssetFinx team.

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Realistic Gaming Effects

HQ Graphics


Decentralized Platform

3D Reconstruction

Step 1

Market Research

Finding out the interest of gamers plays a crucial role in identifying the hype of the business model in the metaverse gaming industry.

Step 2


Professionals in our team keenly focus on elaborating on the gaming theme and designs just by coordinating with our clients for descriptive information.

Step 3

3D Game Creation

Execution plays a vital role as it turns entire requirements into reality. Our developers ensure that the outline, perception & technical aspects are properly inherited in the gam

Step 4

Focuses On Developing Gaming Elements

Specialists in our crew focus on building a variety of gaming elements like avatars, gaming even focus on offering a personalized gaming experience by adding customizations.

Step 5

Testing & Debugging

This phase ensures whether coding is properly done and checks for bugs to avoid complex & minute errors. a hassle-free gaming experience by testing & debugging the gaming functionalities, repeatedly.

Step 6


After polishing the entire coding process by testing, the Metaverse gaming platform is moved to live. Now, our adorable Metaverse Gaming Platform can be accessed from any remote location of the world.
Why Hire Experts From Assetfinx For Metaverse Game Development?
Metaverse game developers from Assetfinx, have the adequate skills to launch and release a new metaverse gaming platform. We create a multi-dimensional 3D gaming world that specializes in engaging a prospective gaming audience across nook and corners of the world. If you are keenly looking for trusted Metaverse game development companies then you can opt for Assetfinx. Having leading developers in our team, we can cater the demands of our clients and helps them to grab the unique opportunities in the Metaverse space. Partnership with us instantly to create trending Metaverse Games in all niches. Talk With Experts