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Metaverse Event Platform Development: Crafts Immersive Event Experiences
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Metaverse Event Platform Development: Crafts Immersive Event Experiences

Metaverse Event Platform Development: Crafts Immersive Event Experiences

Metaverse Event Platform: Transforms your events into immersive experiences instantly!

Apr 26, 2023

Metaverse Event: A New Trend?

Ever predicted that, typical events and business conferences to be hosted in a virtual space?

It’s a big “NO” right, but Metaverse turns our dreams into real ones. The ultimate VR experience is offered for people to attend their board meetings on Metaverse, ranging from attending webinars, seminars, exhibitions, fashion shows, graduation ceremonies, and everything that they possibly think of. Quite impressive, right?

The digital ecosystem gives a warm welcome to this evolution by supporting Metaverse Event Platform Development. With VR hardwares like VR headsets, VR helmets, VR glasses, any person can traverse into VR world. 

Metaverse Event Platform Development is a win-win solution for both businesses & customers. They can quickly coordinate with each other by initiating frequent meetings on Metaverse. To catch out more descriptive information on Metaverse Event Platform Development, Keep reading this blog.

Stats & Solid Proofs About Metaverse Events

  • The reach of virtual Metaverse events increased by 40%, in 2022.
  • By 2026, 30% of companies will offer services and make a product launch on the metaverse.
  • This market is predicted to grow 13.1%, annually. 

Top 7  Metaverse Events Worth Attending in 2023

  • Laval Virtual
  • AWE 2023
  • XR Expo 2023
  • Techspo Expo
  • Siggraph 2023
  • Augmented Enterprise Summit
  • Microsoft Ignite

Source: XR Today

How will Metaverse Impact Meetings and Events?

The hype of Metaverse in the event sector has been tremendous in recent times. We can see a massive migration of people relying on the Metaverse event platform to host their business & commercial events in a 3D space. 

  1. No limits on the number of persons attending virtual events, as Metaverse Events can accommodate N number of people, globally.
  2. Inconvenience in choosing a desired location is no more required in the Metaverse Event Platform.
  3. Customizations create more open provisions to choose a desired theme for virtual halls and interiors.
  4. Greater options lies in driving revenue for businesses as it has the capability to drive more leads in online.
  5. Personal business interaction becomes better and better as the Metaverse event platform creates a loyal customer base by engaging more potential users. 
  6. Meetings are virtual and hosted from a remote location thus enabling flexibility for engineers to attend it virtually.
  7. Aligning with the business goals, even training programs and conferences can be hosted in Metaverse by a company.

Metaverse Event Platform Development

Virtual gatherings so-called “Metaverse Events” are developed and hosted with the intent of revolutionizing public gatherings and events happening in our day-to-day life. Events for any industry can be developed & hosted on Metaverse by our Metaverse developers at Assetfinx. We are exceptional in creating 3D virtual elements like the venue, avatars, event facilities for the visitors, allocation of booths to sponsors & exhibitors, placements of banners on Metaverse, and videos for promotion, etc.

Key Features Of the Metaverse Virtual Event Platform 

Event Registration
Creates provision for the users to get enroll on the live and upcoming events in Metaverse.

Create Event
Events are organized properly in a virtual space and hosted as per schedule.  

Event Page
Event pages shows of crucial information like the date and time of the event, short descriptive information about the planned event, & more. 

Social Media Integration
Social media handles support the users in terms of registration and quickly redirect them to enter the event page.  

Parallel Sessions
Events are hosted in multiple and parallel sessions thus enabling provision for users to choose their desired session as per their convenience. 

Live Streaming & Recording 
To generate quality leads, live streaming, and recording options are available on the event page. 

Multi-Payment Integration
Debit cards, credit cards, PayPal, Paytm & more options are available to support multi-payment. 

In-app Chat
Can share any valuable information by activating speakers, using the in-app chat feature.

Private Chat Rooms
Productivity is enhanced in the workspace, by conducting board meetings, training sessions & conferences in a private chat room.  

Feedback & Comment
End-user can share & suggest any improvements that need to be done in the Metaverse event. 

How Do Events In Metaverse Work?

The working structure of the Metaverse Event platform is quite complex to understand. It leverages augmented reality, physical reality, and virtual reality to create a realistic experience while attending events & functions in Metaverse. To access the Metaverse event show, plugin the virtual helmet device and enable speaker, so that you can speak. 

In the VR world, a person will be represented as an avatar seated in the conference hall. Users will be given options to choose the style of their avatar. It can be exactly like them in the real world or else in some other cartoonized avatar as per their personalization. 36O degree virtual environments also add a spectacular look to virtual meetings and events.  

Key Advantages Of Metaverse Event Platform Development

Immersive 3D Space
3D virtual space is integrated in order to make a person as a part of the event in Metaverse.

Power Of Personalization
Free to customization option is a blissful perk loved by Metaverse users. It creates new opportunities for you to make a customization as per your taste & creative ideas.

No Boundaries
Metaverse events function limitlessly as there is no restriction for a confined workspace, meetings halls & auditoriums, concert halls, etc. 

Both the software and hardware can be reused again and again to host multiple Metaverse events in the upcoming days.
Industry Specific Events
Irrespective of distinct industries, the Metaverse events can be hosted by gathering specific informations. 

Strength Of Blockchain Technology
Blockchain support in the Metaverse Event Platform boosts the credibility of the platform by taking security to the next level. 

Distinct Types Of Events You Can Host In Metaverse

  1. Virtual Conferences
  2. Seminars
  3. Webinars
  4. Virtual Concerts
  5. Hybrid Events
  6. Exhibitions
  7. Trade Shows
  8. Fashion Shows
  9. Gaming Events
  10. Graduation Ceremonies
  11. Product Launch
  12. Awards Functions

Why Prefer Assetfinx For Metaverse 3D Virtual Event Platform Development?

Assetfinx is a pro in developing a Metaverse Event Platform. If you have an aspiration to create your own Metaverse 3D virtual event platform, then you can coordinate with us instantly. As a top-rated Metaverse Development Company, we Assetfinx offers first-class services in offering Metaverse solutions for clients in different niches. 

Since the future of events and meetings are predicted to be conducted in a virtual environment, we take steps to broaden this network by converting your creative ideas on Metaverse events into real. For deeper insights about the tech stack and development process, just contact one of our social mediums to reach us instantly. 

Service We Offer

  1. Metaverse Casino Game Development
  2. Metaverse Virtual Mall Development
  3. Metaverse Fashion Store Development
  4. Metaverse Theatre Development
  5. Metaverse In Travel and Tourism
  6. Metaverse In Restaurants
  7. Metaverse 3D Space Development

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