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Top 10 Brands Entering Into The Metaverse
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Top 10 Brands Entering Into The Metaverse

Top 10 Brands Entering Into The Metaverse

Read this blog to know which brands are deploying metaverse into their business.

Aug 18, 2022

According to the report, it is expected that the market for the metaverse will grow between $8 trillion and $13 trillion by 2030. Also, it is estimated that there will be 5 billion unique internet users in the Metaverse by the year 2030.

Therefore, it is clear that Metaverse is the hottest term in the worldwide tech market due to its rising demand and will be one of the greatest options to reach your target audience and enhance your business profit. Businesses creating Metaverse are concentrating on creating new technologies and features to allow people to engage with each other in the digital world successfully and efficiently.

Do you want to know which big brands are utilizing Metaverse? Then, this blog is for you. Here you will be knowing what Metaverse is all about and the top brands that are incorporating Metaverse. 

Also, there is a bonus tip at the end of this blog. 

Now, just jump into the blog to know more about these top 10 brands right away, shall we? 

Let's get going with the short intro of Metaverse, 

What is Metaverse all about?

The Metaverse is a virtual world where you can communicate with others via digital avatars. A digital avatar is a replica of a real person. It can be described as a network of 3D virtual worlds that are centered on social interaction and that integrate augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), blockchain, and social media concepts to create spaces for rich user interaction that mirror the real world.

Clear about the Metaverse, right? Then, its time to know the top brands incorporating Metaverse, 

Top 10 Brands Incorporating Metaverse


The social network's parent company, Facebook, Inc., was rebranded as Meta last October at Connect 2021 by CEO Mark Zuckerberg, who also announced the firm's new goal to bring the metaverse to life and support connections, community building, and business growth. Presence Platform is one of the new tools that Meta has introduced to aid in building metaverse.


Popular Metaverse developer - Microsoft is working on building a number of Metaverse applications on top of the Mesh technology. In order to grant access to new functionalities, it is also developing a new augmented reality chipset with Qualcomm for Metaverse. It is one of the leading businesses creating Metaverse by modernizing AltspaceVR to create a much safer environment for consumers and players.


A US-based company called Roblox provides a multiplayer online and game-creation system based in the United States and launched in 2004. On occasion, Roblox hosts both actual and virtual events. They have previously held occasions like BloxCon, a gathering for platform casual players. Every year, Roblox offers Easter egg hunts.


One of the top metaverse businesses to watch out for is the online dating service Tinder. In order to fully utilize the metaverse, Tinder has made use of the idea of dating in the metaverse and encounters via virtual avatars. Tinder's virtual dating scene can serve as a model for developing numerous alternative dating metaverse services.


A browser-based 3D virtual world platform is called Decentraland. On the site, users can purchase virtual land parcels as NFTs using the MANA cryptocurrency, which operates on the Ethereum blockchain. It is governed by the non-profit Decentraland Foundation and opened to the public in February 2020. Users can create and monetize various apps and content while investing in virtual land, thanks to Metaverse Technology.


The avatar filter makes use of augmented reality, which enables avatars to modify their appearance and attire according to their needs. By introducing 3D Bimojis, this startup is expanding Metaverse. The Metaverse technology is being advanced with this update of virtual people.


An American multinational firm called Nike, Inc. designs develops, produces, distributes, and sells footwear, apparel, equipment, accessories, and services on a worldwide basis. The business has its headquarters in the Portland metro area, close to Beaverton, Oregon. Nike plans to replicate the real-world experience in virtual reality. Players will also have the option of donning virtual Nike apparel.


Hyundai Mobility Adventure was formally introduced on September 1st, 2021. Hyundai is a leader in the Roblox Metaverse for the digital automotive experience. The video game showcases an intense interaction between the actors and the most recent technologies from Hyundai. You will learn about the delights of driving and the brand's support for environmentally friendly transportation in this metaverse community.

Louis Vuitton

The next best thing to reimagine the Metaverse market is the fashion business. Fashion manufacturers are ready to meet user demand for distinctive NFT wearables that will allow users to express their personalities through their in-game avatars. To commemorate 200 years of commitment to bespoke fashion, luxury company Louis Vuitton participates in the metaverse craze by launching a 30-piece NFT collection in its game.


As more clothing labels enter the metaverse, buying across it becomes routine. In an effort to provide users with the chance to buy unique assets and inspire them to seek creativity and individuality through fashion, Adidas expanded its market and put up auctions for original and collaboration pieces on OpenSea. In order to inform users about creator-owned work, it also collaborated with the fashion house, Prada.


Hope it is clear that the Metaverse revolution is expanding as a result of the integration of the Metaverse by numerous big brands. If you are one of those who likes to incorporate Metaverse into the business, we are here to help you.

As a leading Metaverse Development Company, we are specialized in building next-gen futrue ready metaverse applications and solutions for gaming, NFTs, arts, music, real estate, etc.

To grasp more information on Metaverse, check out our blog, "How Will Metaverse Change The World?" 

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