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Top 5 NFT Marketplaces Buy and Sell NFTs In 2022
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Top 5  NFT Marketplaces Buy and Sell NFTs In 2022

Top 5 NFT Marketplaces Buy and Sell NFTs In 2022

Find out the most popular nft marketplaces and choose the best one to buy and sell nfts.

Aug 08, 2022

NFTS - the all-new crypto tokens are making groundbreaking revolutions all over the cryptocurrency and blockchain world. We can say 2021, and 2022 were almost the year of NFTs.  As of April 15, 2021, there were around 28.4 thousand NFTs sold in the Art category, and as of 2021, there were around 3,60, 000 NFT Owners.

Why this spike? The reason is that nfts are representing real-world assets in digital forms, and we can tokenize anything with NFTs. Because of this, one can claim original ownership of an asset at any time. NFTs are unique and they can’t be replicated, or duplicated with something else. These impeccable characteristics of NFTs have attracted investors, asset owners, and users to make use of nfts. 

As NFTs is becoming more popular among investors circle, N number of questions are raised among them. We have picked some Frequently Asked Questions On NFTs

What is an NFT Marketplace? 

Since NFTs started to occupy the asset class, they need a medium to trade, buy or sell. NFT Marketplace becomes a gateway for NFT owners, and investors to get connected digitally. An NFT marketplace acts like a medium exchange, where the “N” number of NFTs from various genres can be listed for sales. Investors or users who are interested to buy NFTs can register themselves and can opt for the NFT they wish to buy. 

As NFTs started to flock to the industry, the number of users started to strike the peak of the market, and as a result, multiple NFT Marketplaces started to boom. This increasing number of NFT Marketplaces made it difficult for investors to decide which marketplace is best to buy and sell NFTs.  We are going to make it easy for you.

Here we have listed the top 5 NFT marketplaces where you can buy and sell NFTs without a doubt!

  • Opensea

  • Rarible

  • Nifty Gateway

  • Superrare

  • NBA Topshot

Top 5 NFT Marketplaces 2022

Opensea is the largest nft marketplace which has around 1 Million active users in the first quarter of 2022. The marketplace was launched in December 2017. 

  • Opensea charges 2.5 % Of the Service Fee.

  • Opensea has NT Gifting and NFT Minting as Unique Features.

  • The Marketplace Supports around 15 Various Crypto wallets.

Rarible is the second largest nft marketplace having around, The platform serves above 2.1 million users, and has a huge trading volume of nearly $275 million.

  • Rarible charges 1% from the buyer side, and 1% from the seller side.

  • Marketcap of Rarible is $31,242, 555.27 ( Source: Coinmarketcap.com)

  • Over 4,00,000 NFTs are minted as of now.

Nifty Gateway

Nifty Gateway, the very popular nft marketplace which has been launched in 2018 to make the nifties more accessible for everyone. The marketplace falls under the closed category. Duncan Cock Foster and Griffin Cock Foster are the founders of the Marketplace, and they claimed, that we will not rest until we reach 1 billion active users in the nifty gateway. 

  • The marketplace charges 5% + 30% on every secondary sale

  • Between May 2020 and September 2021, the Marketplace collected around 408 Million USD.

  • The platform has the integration of Meta Mask and Ethereum Wallet Alone

  • The Marketplace supports credit card and debit cards for making payments


Superrare was founded in 2017, the marketplace is primarily focused on connecting digital art lovers. As reported by coinmarketcap, the marketplace has $15,445,965.53 as a 24-hour trade volume. 

What’s special in Superrare?

  • The creators can earn a fee whenever an NFT is sold

  • During the first sale of digital art, the creator will receive around 85% of the commission.

  • After the first sales, the creator will earn 3% of every commission.

  • The platform has over 30,000 NFTs

NBATopShot was launched in 2020, this marketplace connects sports fans, where they can buy and sell video clips and trading cards.  The marketplace sold moments as NFTs, whereas the moments are short clips.  It was predicted that it has a Marketcap worth around 1 Billion USD. There are around 40,000 NFTs in circulation. 

  • In April 2021, a tech investor Jeremy Levine bought an NBA top shot moment - zion holo for around $100,000 which is the largest purchase ever made in the marketplace

  • The platform is running using flow blockchain.

  • One can easily buy NFTs on NBATopShot through packs under drops or by purchasing moments directly.

Final Thoughts

The above list is a glimpse of the top nft marketplaces, there are still a lot of marketplaces yet to be explored and reviewed. If you are an NFT greek, you can pick the right nft marketplace after a detailed analysis. 

Business Tip

If you are an NFT investor or someone who is gazed about the success of NFTs, you are almost in the first step of starting your nft biz. Yes, you can also start an NFT marketplace, at a low cost of investment, and can easily market your nft marketplace on top of the list. All you need is the right tech support! If you are seeking such tech support, AssetfinX can assist you in all aspects. 

How Do We Help?

We have a team of experts and a ready-to-launch, easy-to-customize nft marketplace script, with that we can assist you to start an NFT Marketplace. If you need any assistance in creating a white label nft marketplace, reach our experts at any time at Assetfinx. We are a leading NFT Development Company across the globe who offer a-z services in providing NFT solutions. We do extend our support by explaining you the complete "Roadmap To Launch A NFT Marketplace". Check this out and get complete details of our Professional Roadmap Guide. you can further check out the "Pros Of Investing In NFTs", right here

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