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Top 5 Types Of Casino Games Available On Bc.Game
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Top 5 Types Of Casino Games Available On Bc.Game
Blockchain Games

Top 5 Types Of Casino Games Available On Bc.Game

Breaking Down the Different Casino Games in BC Game : A Must-Read

Mar 23, 2023


BC.Game is a community-based crypto casino that promises to give its members a unique and superior experience. BC.Game was introduced in 2017 and it is among the first casinos to support enhancing the network, revolutionising the casino industry and the blockchain environment. The latest inclusion of sports betting has given users access to more than 10,000 games, including sports, slots, live table games and even the well known bitcoin(BTC) crash game. Because of its multiple industry rewards, BC.Game was crowned the crypto casino of the year 2022. Furthermore, the platform also takes fiat payments in addition to various well-known cryptocurrencies.

Slot machines, table games, and live dealer games are just a few games available at the casino. Dice, Plinko, Blackjack, Baccarat, and Roulette are some of the most played games on BC Game. Together with classic games, BC Game also offers a variety of unique games like Crash, Limbo, and Keno.

The lucrative VIP programme at BC Gaming is one of its best qualities. As they play games and advance through levels, players can accrue points. These points can then be redeemed for a variety of incentives, including cashback, higher faucet rewards, and special bonuses. BC Gaming is a well-liked option for bitcoin enthusiasts seeking an online casino that supports their favourite payment method, provides a wide selection of games, and rewards players with bonuses.

This blog is to explore the most popular types of casino games available in bc.game.

Types of casino games available on Bc.Game

  1. Slots Game
  2. Blackjack casino game
  3. Poker
  4. Baccarat'
  5. Roulette  
  6. Spinning wheel
  7. Crash game
  8. Craps Casino game
  9. Betfury game
  10. Classic Dice game
  11. Coin flip game
  12. Floating dragon
  13. Limbo game
  14. Ultimate Dice game
  15. Egyptian adventure game

Slots Game - Overview

Slots are the casino game that is played most frequently worldwide because of their straightforward gameplay and entertaining features. Online slots have advanced significantly from more elaborate themes to gripping narratives. Hence, it could be a good idea to learn more about online slots before logging into your account and starting to play.

Let you know the types of slots available in BC.Game in the following section,

Types Of Slots Available In Bc.Game

#Traditional slots
Although traditional slots are the most popular game, they still differ greatly from video slots in many ways. They have a more vintage vibe and are frequently found on one-armed bandits.

#Video slots
The most prevalent slot machines in casinos are video slots. They provide a range of bonus rounds from free spins to bonus multipliers. Slot machines typically have 3 reels and 1 pay-line, however they can have up-to 5 reels and 25 pay-lines. Every conceivable result has an equal chance of happening when you pull down on the lever because there is a reel on either side of the machine.

#Fruit machines
With more than 50% of the market, these are the slot machines that are most frequently found in America. Typically, they include fruit symbols on the reels and are bright and colourful. These slot machine variants can be more volatile because they often have a bigger house edge than other slot machine types. They are therefore rarely spotted outside Las Vegas casinos or smaller regional casinos.

# Multi-line slots
A certain number of lines in multi-line slots are shown to the player. The amount wagered on each line is entirely up to the player, with higher bets yielding higher payouts. If a winning combination appears on all lines, the payoff will be bigger than it could be on the kinds of slots. When specific combinations are made, the game also offers bonus rounds and free spins, offering players more opportunities to boost their winnings.

#Progressive slots
Progressive slots are the most well-liked kinds of slot machines due to the increased return they provide for the gambler. As there is no cap on the jackpot's growth as players keep playing, these slots are known as progressives. A $1 million minimum prize is available to be won. You must stake at least 25 cents each line to obtain credit for your bet.

Blackjack - Overview

One of the oldest and most authentic casino table games is blackjack. It has been played for millennia, with players more recently travelling online to enjoy classic blackjack "21" against both virtual and actual dealers.

Different Types Of Blackjack Game Variants

Different types of Blackjack game variants are as follows,
#America Blackjack

It is a popular blackjack variant in land based games online. Simple american blackjack such as dealer vs two card players. Get as close to 21 as you can defeat the dealer. In American blackjack, splitting or doubling down results in the creation of two cards. The number of decks in American blackjack impacts the house edge.
#European Blackjack

Although there are some variations, European blackjack is similar to American blackjack. In European blackjack, the dealer's blackjack triumphs, and the dealer hits soft 17 by standing.
#Vegas strip blackjack

A well-liked blackjack variant is Las Vegas Strip Blackjack. It uses four sets of cards. Although the objective is the same—beat the dealer without going over 21—the rules are different. The dealer in Vegas Strip blackjack poses on a soft 17. There are more options for players.
#Progressive blackjack

Similar to slots is progressive blackjack. They have a progressive prize and play similarly to American blackjack. The prize is financed in part by bets, including side bets. Progressive baccarat available only online. This variation of blackjack offers progressive jackpots between $10,000 and $50,000.
#Atlantic city blackjack

The largest casino destination on the East Coast is Atlantic City, New Jersey. These casinos primarily utilise Atlantic City blackjack rules. This game resembles traditional blackjack. On any two cards, players may double down and split their bet up to three times.

Roulette Game - Overview

For both new and experienced gamblers, roulette is a very popular game. Additionally, the game has become more well-known due to social media influencers like David Dobrik, who takes his buddies to Las Vegas to place big bets on red or black.This is a game meaning "little Wheel" in which a player picks a number from the wheel and places a bet. The dealer spins a wheel and a ball contrarily to determine the winning player.

Different Types Of Betting in Roulette

Types of different bets in Roulette are explained below ,
Outside bets

These are known as outside bets because they include bets made on the wheel's outer rim. These are wagers that are not made on a single number. Instead, they centre on a set of figures and hues. 
Inside bets

These wagers include any selections from the number rectangle.
Call bets

Since they are only applicable to European or French roulette, you might not find them at any online casinos. The betting is done by individuals "calling out," as opposed to setting down your cash or chips at the table.
Final bets

These bets are made on every number that has a "final" digit.
Imprisonment bets

The regulations can differ and fluctuate depending on whatever casino you play at. In some casinos, players can opt to "imprison" their bets, which means that if they win on the following spin, they will receive some of their profits, although a smaller amount.
Complete, Full complete, and Maximum bets-These bets are excellent for all of the big rollers out there. This wager combines all inside wagers on a single number, though its idea can be challenging to grasp.

Variants Of Roulette Game

The list of variants of Roulette game is,

  • European Roulette
  • American Roulette  
  • French Roulette  
  • Mini Roulette  
  • Multi-Wheel Roulette  

Poker - Game Overview

 A poker game can be any of a variety of card games in which bets are placed on the strongest hand according to the rules of that particular game. Each player bets a set sun based on how much they think their hands are worth about the hands of the other players. The goal of poker is to win money by taking a pot, which is made up of bets placed by different players throughout the course of hand. A player bets money in the hopes that he has the better hand or to project strength to persuade his rivals to fold their hands.

Types of poker games

The most commonly played poker games are listed below

  • Omaha
  • Texas hold'em poker
  • 7-Card stud
  • 5-Card Draw
  • Follow the queen

Baccarat - Game Overview

A Baccarat game is played using the eight decks of cards included in the shoe on the Baccarat table with boxes to place your chips on. The objective of the game of baccarat is to predict which two hands - the Player hand and the Banker hand will have a larger value. The maximum number of points which is fixed at 9 must be obtained to have the winning hand.

Strategies To Play Baccarat Game

Shop around
The easiest method to learn it is to stick to a single technique, but you can find the one that usually works for you by looking around and trying out something. Play around with different play styles.
Getting better through practices
Take your time and practice; as with everything, learning and successfully implementing a strategy takes time. To learn the ins and outs of the various play styles, experiment with a range of different strategies while playing for small sums.
Master your favourite
Choose the strategy that works best for you after doing some research and experimenting with a few others, then make the most of it. Spend some time getting used to it and learn everything you can to perfect it. Finding your preferred strategy and making it your main focus while practising still requires a lot of work.

Why Choose AssetfinX For BC.Game Clone Development?

AssetfinX - The Leading Metaverse Development CompanyBlockchain Game development company, provides you the ready to launch bc.game clone, which is equipped with “N” number of casino games similar to the original BC.Game. We have added around 7000+ games, in our bc game clone, each comes up with a different set of rules and regulations. 

As a prominent blockchain casino game development company, we have a handful of experience on creating robust casino games like bc.game. We have a team of expert game developers who implement the best development strategies to create exceptional casino games that stand out from the market competitions.  Instant consultation, Live demo, and customization available. 

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