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White Label Multi Chain NFT Marketplace Development Company
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White Label Multi Chain NFT Marketplace Development Company

White Label Multi Chain NFT Marketplace Development Company

Get to know more about White Label Multi Chain NFT Marketplace platform Company

Jul 28, 2022

White Label Multi-Chain NFT Marketplace Development

Bootstrap with easy launch multi chain platforms, with extensive security features and efficient functionality as per your customization on mean time. Became a successful entrepreneur by our White Label Multi Chain NFT Marketplace Development.

White Label  Multi-Chain NFT Marketplace Development Company

As of NFTs becoming a “mainstream”, the need for multichain NFT marketplaces is sensed more profoundly. However, the NFT space relies under  several  limitations as there are only a few major blockchains where it can be developed. But in the multi chain marketplace, NFTs are built on different blockchains that can be traded on the different blockchain on the same portal. It makes it easier for users to buy and sell NFTs as they can trade different nfts from the same interface. Such marketplaces are unrestrictive in terms of usable cryptocurrencies and reduce the entry barrier for users to share in the NFT marketplace.

You may feel overwhelmed with planning and executing the development of an White Label Multi-Chain marketplace For Trade. But it is a rewarding endeavour with AssetfinX.

White Label  Multi-Chain NFT Marketplace Development Services

The non fungible tokens are no longer out of the limelight. There are many establishments, corporations, production industries and even banks that have started accepting and launching cryptocurrencies. Also NFT is the future of the trading system.  Many entrepreneurs and business owners are interested in minting their NFT for multiple opportunities. For example, the opportunity to transact with them on the blockchain gives users a trustless system that is secure, efficient, and transparent. 

Building a marketplace based on multiple blockchains, which has been a milestone in the field of blockchain. Assetfin has the competence to make a world class White Label Multi-Chain NFT Marketplace Development into reality.

Features Of White Label Multi-Chain NFT Marketplace Development

User Friendly Interface

The user interface is designed according to NFT community needs, so that it can be easily operated and read by anyone, especially for first time NFT users.

Pricing Analysis

This section will provide you with the top historical prices for the NFT, its sale volumes, and its transactions. As such, it will provide a tool used to analyze the likelihoods of different price movements in the future. The interactive charts allow you to easily set up your own analysis based on previous NFT sales and trading data.

Effective Filters

Users can search and browse the NFTs based on various options such as genre, mood, or category. The search field can be used along with different filters to help users find their favourite NFT better. 

Liquidity Generation

Instant liquidity is promised and guaranteed so it can be traded instantly without risk.

Scrutinize Smart Contracts

The most precisely coded smart contract condition is given to you by our team of professionals.The smart contract that we offer will take the proper automation into account. 

White Label NFT Marketplace On Multiple Blockchain Networks

NFT registry and exchange on blockchain networks can expand the attraction of NFTs. It is the lifeblood of a NFT to be traded and exchanged in a reliable and standard blockchain network. Many NFT developers are doing their best to make their network compatible with most blockchains but only reliable and standard blockchains reach great heights. 

We are the leading White Label NFT Marketplace development company that offers the creation of an NFT marketplace on top of any blockchain network with the use of our proprietary technology. NFT marketplace with the following Networks:


Ethereum is an open source computing platform based on Blockchain featuring smart contract functionality. It supports a decentralized application that runs without any central authority or tenant, peer-to-peer networking, and the ability to run smart contracts on a decentralised virtual machine internal to the ethereum blockchain.The advantage of this blockchain technology is that Ethereum offers a more reliable and stable system, with an almost unlimited number of transactions per second.

Binance Smart Chain

Binance smart chain is a blockchain network to exchange a digital asset.The platform’s purpose is to provide support to the development of Dapps,NFTs and smart contracts on the Binance platform. It utilizes the proof of stake consensus algorithm which is considered efficient for applications requiring high transaction throughput and high stability.


Polygon is a blockchain network that provides an easy way of developing smart contracts. Polygon comes in with a very low transaction cost, a result of the fact that the platform eliminates gas costs for every transaction. It’s also highly compatible with Ethereum and other blockchain networks.

Types Of  White Label Multi-Chain NFT Marketplace

In the NFT marketplace, there are a lot of different types of tokens issued on the platform. Audience and their demand for each Nft may vary. There are several genres in multichain nft marketplace, some of them are listed here below

  1. ArtWork
  2. Games
  3. Physical Assets
  4. Real-Estate
  5. Music
  6. Memes
  7. Sports
  8. Videos

Characteristics That An NFT Marketplace Should have

In the meantime, NFT trading has become a top revenue generating platform. The need for the standard marketplace has become necessary. If you're gonna plunge into the NFT marketplace on blockchain technology there are some remarkable stuff you must include to make it an ideal marketplace:

Speed Of Transactions 

The speed of the transaction is the most important characteristic for developing the marketplace. AssetfinX includes a high speed transaction in order to provide a clear cut transaction history.

Cost Of Transaction

Transaction fees must be affordable regardless of the marketplace or blockchain network used. Nft trading includes microtransactions as well, like the purchase of in-game items, so it's not necessarily about a million dollar transaction. Therefore, establishing a minimal transaction fee will help your marketplace stand out.

Smart Contracts

To make your marketplace more safe and secure, smart contracts are one of the most important characteristics. Our smart contracts are built with high security coding  and every transaction is recorded and it is impossible to lose the information stored in the blocks.

Benefits Of White Label Multi-Chain NFT Marketplace


We build our White Label Multi-Chain NFT Marketplace with a complete clear transaction history that is transparent where the public can also know and access it at any time.


We make the NFT marketplace platforms  with ironclad  security protocols originality guaranteed and no fear of thefts.

Cross-Platform Support 

We generate our Nft multichain platform development with hybrid technology which supports all types of operating systems and devices. We go through multiple tests to ensure the flexibility of theWhite Label Multi-Chain NFT Marketplace.

Technical Support

AssetfinX provide world time technical support to the clients throughout the project to solve their confusions, queries and issues. 

Highlights Of Choosing AssetfinX For White Label  Multi-Chain NFT Platform Development

Selecting the top white label nft marketplace development company, such as Assetfin, comes with a host of advantages. Our developers and testers are crucial in completing projects on schedule and without sacrificing their quality, and they are aware of the standout advantages we provide like

  • White label ie ready to launch solutions
  • Complete  transparent
  • Flexible to customization option in nft marketplace development solution
  • Exhaustive security features
  • Technical support to entire project
  • Scalability

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