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AssetfinX Transforms into Metaverse Development Company to Revolutionize Top Industries
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AssetfinX Transforms into Metaverse Development Company to Revolutionize Top Industries
Press Release

AssetfinX Transforms into Metaverse Development Company to Revolutionize Top Industries

AssetfinX Rebrands as Metaverse Development Company: Pioneering the Future of Digital Innovation Across Top Industries

May 12, 2023

AssetfinX - The well-known enterprise blockchain development company, now stepped into the metaverse space and has been reformed as Metaverse Development Company to serve top industries and brands in the metaverse space.

AssetfinX - One of the popular FinTech giants of the current decade, has announced the firm has decided to enter into the metaverse space by understanding the scope and potential of the booming technology. The entire tech crew has been upgraded to work for metaverse projects with proper training, research, and development.

Previously the company was known as a blockchain development company and has a goal of empowering enterprises with blockchain development services and consultation. Now, the firm has declared to provide metaverse development services as primary services for industries and an “N” number of use cases.

The CEO Of AssetfinX, denoted that,
“ We are the early adopter of metaverse development, so we are having the responsibility to bring innovation to the industry by integrating upgraded tech stacks in our metaverse projects. Also, we have a goal of serving around 30+ industries in the metaverse space which includes, Gaming, Education, Fashion, Construction, IT industry, healthcare, automobile, and more. “

Also, he added, "Initially we are taking the gaming industry to provide the best services in the metaverse space. Our team can create any kind of game and virtual environment inside the metaverse space. For this, we have trained our developers and tech experts for 2 years on dedicated gaming projects."

Overview Of Metaverse Services Provided By AssetfinX

The firm discloses its services in metaverse space as listed below

1. Metaverse Game Development
2. Metavere Fashion Store Development
3. Metaverse 3d Space Development
4. Metaverse Avatars development
5. Consultation & Customization
6. Metaverse Theatre Development
7. Metaverse Event Platform Development
8. AI & ML Development

And more

Also, the company has hiring models for custom metaverse projects. Hiring a metaverse developer can increase the possibility of completing the projects with no delay and reduces the customization after moving to live.


In the past few years, technologies, like blockchain, AI, and metaverse are making huge impacts around the world. This gives new hope for service providers like assetfinX to bring innovations and empower enterprises and brands to rebrand themselves in the metaverse space.

Originally published by AssetfinX On issuewire.com : The Leading FinTech Giant AssetfinX Rebranded As Metaverse Development Company To Serve Top Industries

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