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Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Token Development Company

Assetfinx is the most predominant DeFi Development Company. Our squad in blockchain technology and DeFi development platform, ensures the quality of the DeFi token and platform development services to deploy it in your keen contract-based DeFi platforms, throughout the worldwide DeFi market.
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Initiate your own DeFi tokens with AssetfinX:

AssetfinX is the most predominant DeFi Development Company. Our squad in blockchain technology and DeFi development platform, ensures the quality of the DeFi token and platform development services to deploy it in your keen contract-based DeFi platforms, throughout the worldwide DeFi market.     

What do you mean about the smart contract?

Smart contracts are a pre-defined set of codes that automatically executes any process without the involvement of mediators and third parties. This type of smart deal operates under a consensus mechanism. These codes and the contracts are on the decentralized blockchain network. contract controls the complete workflow and transactions are traceable and can't be altered. The action will be executed only when the given conditions are satisfied. If any of the prescribed conditions fails to get the required 
progress, the whole process will return.

Different Types of defi Tokens that we deliver:

Governance Tokens: Government tokens provide a special authority to the holders, the ability to create an impact on decisions which is pointed out with any part of the corresponding association.

This token also offers unique benefits like low transactions fees, virtual control of the platform, and voting rights on significant endeavors of the platform.

Security Tokens: These represent the physical assets and it develops a connection between traditional finance and modern technology. Users used to buy security tokens for investing, in their physical assets.

Utility Tokens: Crypto tokens are provided to increase the funds level. These tokens help to develop your project easily financially. This token offers better investment opportunities where the investor can able to select the best plan and invests in you for the best results.

Equity Tokens: An equity token is diverse to be a security token, which is exploited as part of the underlying risk capital or venture and takes its value from the firm's triumphs or losses. Shareholders will earn a portion of the company's yield and will gain the right to vote.

Raise your assets with AssetfinX:

Initial Coin Offer: AssetfinX initiates An ICO  into the mainframe, currency, or blockchain platform by offering a digital asset to users as a sign of expenditure. ICOs are mainly used by shoot-ups as a fundraising method for their products or services. Through the ICO campaigns, the promoters and project missioners will buy some project tokens with their own fiat or digital money, similar to the organization's shares at the IPO event.

Initial Exchange Offer: We people of AssetfinX serve you a better IEO platform which signifies the initial transaction offers in the platform. Distinct from ICO, IEO has been the mastermind of a transfer platform. Beginners have to pay the start-up fee which is listed on the IEO platform itself, for the total percentage of tokens sold. Beyond checklists on the IDO platform, cryptocurrency startups have the major benefits of having pre-installed spectators in the form of active users of that platform.

Initial Dex Offer: AssetfinX services IDO, It is the successor to the ICO, and IEO is indicated as the initial decentralized transaction offer. 

In IDO, tokens are itemized following the fundraising event, and they are instantly listed on the DeX. The codes in the IDO are administered on a third-party transfer site and a one-page token is listed on the DEX platform. 

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