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Line Next - Excited To Share Their New Release On Game Dosi In 2023
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Line Next - Excited To Share Their New Release On Game Dosi In 2023

Line Next - Excited To Share Their New Release On Game Dosi In 2023

LINE NEXT - Leading Tech Company To Release Five Groundbreaking "Gamer First" NFT Gaming Platform On Game Dosi

May 24, 2023

A famous Asian social app, called “Line Next”, has an amazing plan in launching new games on its upcoming Web3 gaming platform, “Game Dosi”. Some of its new gaming platforms include Sweet Monster Guardians, Drawship Kingdom Reverse, and Project GD. 

Above of these games are set to release in the second half of the year 2023. Each game is expected to distinguish itself from the others by its variety of features. 

What Is Game Dosi?

Game Dosi is a popular Web3 gaming platform built on top of the Finschia blockchain. Finschia was earlier called as Line Blockchain. This platform aims to offer a unique gaming experience to players simultaneously offering NFT rewards at the same time. 

Games Are Expected To Launch On Dosi Platform

  1. Sweet Monster Guardians, a popular game developed by Movisoft, will be the ever first game that is expected to feature NFT pre-sales on the Game Dosi Platform. To explain this game in simple terms, it’s a browser-based strategic defense game, that keenly focuses on to introduce unique characters in the game.  
  2. VLO, it is a well-fond role-playing game that’s developed by SIS Studio. 
  3. KEROZ, is created by Superflex, and it is an action-adventure game exclusively developed for devices like mobile and PC.
  4. Drawship Kingdom Reverse, developed by Nolatency Limited offers great NFT rewards in the form of machines, dolls, & avatars, etc. 
  5. Project GD, is different from others, as it is an internally-developed IP, that’s exclusively developed to span multiple games over a prolonged period of time. 

Line Next Wants To Captivate Web3 Community With Its New NFT Game

Game Dosi was planned to launch on May 18, 2023. Line Next have more plans to launch in 2023, they are ready to feature a secondary lineup of additional titles containing globally popular content.

Apart from this the company also plans to offer a sale for the premium users. They are ready to introduce gold and platinum-tier NFT passes by processing a membership sale that grants benefits such as early access to the new games.

It also provides NFT rewards from its forthcoming Project GD game. Players too can earn these rewards by completing missions that can be found on Line Next’s community website. Some limitations are imposed in offering rewards to users, May 31 is the deadline for these rewards, and Line Next will also offer a raffle with participation based on the number of Discord sign-ups for registering in Game Dosi. 

An exciting edition to the NFT gaming space is open now, as Line Next focus on the ever-growing Web3 technology. In the future it would be exciting to watch, how tech companies integrate its popular social app with the new platform. The launch of Game Dosi and their upcoming game release of five new NFT-centric games, Line Next is poised to make a splash in the world of Web3 gaming.

Originally Published By Cryptopolitan: Line Next reveals launch date for NFT-centric games

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