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Metaverse in 2023: 10 Key Statistics Reflecting the Rise of Virtual Worlds
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Metaverse in 2023: 10 Key Statistics Reflecting the Rise of Virtual Worlds
Top 10

Metaverse in 2023: 10 Key Statistics Reflecting the Rise of Virtual Worlds

Unveiling the Growing Virtual World Phenomenon

Jun 26, 2023


Metaverse is currently a hot topic in the gaming and technology sectors, we've compiled the most illuminating Metaverse statistics to show just how significant the Metaverse is.

Metaverse allows users to engage in interaction with artificially created objects, avatars, and each other in a shared, online 3D world. The Internet serves as the primary network in this online ecosystem. Online social networking, gaming, education, and training are all common uses of metaverses. They can be used to create entirely made-up virtual reality worlds or ones that closely mirror the actual world. 

Let's explore the top metaverse statistics, 

Top 10 Metaverse Statistics 2023

1. The $47.69 billion metaverse market size in 2020 is anticipated to increase to $800 billion by 2024:

Even after Microsoft stated that it would pay $68+ billion to acquire Activision Blizzard, some individuals still believe that the Metaverse is overhyped.

The Metaverse environment as a whole is not, and probably won't be, governed by any corporate entity. 

2. According to JP Morgan's prediction, the metaverse market will be worth $1 trillion:

The first bank to establish a Metaverse office was JP Morgan. JPMorgan has a lounge in the "Metajuku" shopping area that Everyrealm constructed on Decentraland (a virtual world).

The bank will soon begin offering services through their Metaverse lounge, including mortgages, credit, rents, etc., giving the Metaverse data some real-time brand power.

3. North America holds the largest share of the Metaverse market: 

Despite the fact that very few Americans are currently engaged in it, North America nevertheless accounts for the largest chunk of the Metaverse economy.

4.  GDP Growth of $15.7 Trillion for the AI Economy by 2030:

Accenture, a consulting firm, created research statistics based on 12 industrialized economies.

The published analysis predicts that by 2035, AI's yearly economic (global) growth rate would have doubled.

According to a different PwC analysis, the world GDP will rise by 14%, or $15.7 trillion, as a result of AI growth in various fields.

The market size for the metaverse might grow to $12 trillion, according to Goldman Sachs statistics. And the Grayscale projections predict that Metaverse will generate $1 trillion in income annually.

5. The Metaverse presents a chance for a number of significant IT companies to broaden their reach: 

These Metaverse facts make sense given that the Metaverse is centered around technology and that there is an unprecedented chance for tech enterprises worldwide to expand their clientele.

6. Facebook's $10 billion Metaverse investment:

Metaverse data show that Facebook has invested $50 million in a number of non-profit organizations that support Metaverse technologies.

Facebook has announced that it will focus more on Metaverse-related technology in the future and has changed the name of its social media platform to "Meta."

In the following five years, Mark Zuckerberg's firm hopes to set other Metaverse milestones, as he has already stated.

The development and optimization of the company's VR headsets (Oculus) are based on the anticipated growth of the Metaverse.

7. By 2025, it's anticipated that the gaming industry would grow by more than $400 billion.

The gaming business will soon rank among the most prosperous due to Metaverse's success.

The market was $274 billion in size in 2020, and gaming industry analysts predict that it might exceed $400 billion in 2024.

Up to 70% more advertising revenue will come from in-game purchases than the present market size.

According to the most recent Metaverse figures, the entertainment industry (live music, films, and sports) might reach $200 billion in 2024 thanks to the virtual world.

8. According to Emergen Research, the global metaverse market would be worth $1.607 trillion by 2030 and increase at a rate of 43.3%:

According to many predictions, the metaverse will have a multitrillion-dollar market. The only uncertainty is when we will see it. It is anticipated to increase in the next few years, reaching $1.607 trillion by 2030. 

9. More than 34 million VR headsets will be installed globally by 2024: 

Statistics like these obviously indicate that public corporations and even government entities may start integrating VR headsets into their services, so you can anticipate seeing them installed in many locations.

10. Using the Metaverse, Facebook Created More Than 10,000 Jobs

Facebook also revealed 10,000 new employees for the European market along with the name change to Meta.

Within the next five years, the positions needed to support the Metaverse ecosystem will be filled.

Europe is a big part of our success, just as Facebook is in the success of European companies and the wider economy," claim Facebook's head of global affairs Nick Clegg, and vice president of central products Javier Olivan. From the thousands of employees in the EU to the millions of businesses using our apps and tools every day.


I hope you now understand what the Metaverse is all about, and that the top Metaverse statistics 2023 will help you stay informed about current happenings in the world. 

But if you still have any queries, get in touch with the AssetfinX, the global metaverse development company serving clients worldwide with an expert team right away.

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