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Become a Billion Dollar Entrepreneur By Launching an NFT Marketplace Like Solanart
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Become a Billion Dollar Entrepreneur By Launching an NFT Marketplace Like Solanart

Become a Billion Dollar Entrepreneur By Launching an NFT Marketplace Like Solanart

A Comprehensive Guide to Start Solana NFT Marketplace

Oct 14, 2022

Create NFT Marketplace Like Solanart

At AssetfinX we have discussed a lot of information about blockchain technology and its related applications in the past few articles. In the last few updates we have covered articles about the ever trending NFTs, NFT Business Ideas,  Top NFT Marketplaces, NFT Use Cases,  Top NFT Games and more. Now, it's time for us to explore one more interesting NFT project that is made on one of the popular blockchain networks, “Solana''. 

Yes it is “Solanart”. 

So, What is Solanart?  

In simple words, Solanart is an open source NFT Marketplace that is created and launched with the intention of connecting world-class NFT Traders, Artists, creators and buyers at one place to trade top trending Solana based NFTs. 
Solanart was the first ever NFT Marketplace that has come up with an open source NFT Launchpad. 

You may think, already there are “N” number of NFT marketplace like opensea, Rarible, etc. How “Solanart” differs from them, and why users can choose solanart instead of others. 

The First and foremost reason is, Solanart is fully made on top of solana blockchain. 
I believe that everyone reading this article may have some interesting insights about the Solana blockchain. If not let us list some of the few.

Why Solana Blockchain Sounds Loud?

Solana became a standalone blockchain because of the below metrics.

  1. Solana overtakes the ethereum blockchain in TPS( Transaction Per Second): Solana tools only 400 Milliseconds to validate or process a transactions, where as the ever popular ethereum takes at least 15 seconds to complete one single transaction;
  2. Every blockchain charges a fee for processing a transaction:  solana beats its competitors by charging a very less Cost Per Transaction. Solana charges just $0.00025 for every successful transaction, whereas ethereum’s highest gas fee could be $100;
  3. No Mempool, No Delay in Processing transaction;
  4. Less bandwidth and it is more Resilient:  Unlike any other blockchain, solana uses a unique protocol called “Turbine”, it breaks the blocks to packets, transmits data to a group of connected computers, and re-transmit data to the nearest group;
  5. The Solana network is expanding faster with an exponential list of future dApps;

Apart from the above list of pros, Solana has a vast number of highlights that turned it up as a “Ethereum Killer”. However, Ethereum takes immediate action by introducing “Ethereum 2.0” in terms of reducing the gas fees, which makes the competition stronger.

Coming back to “The Solanart” …

Interesting Insights that Supported “Solanart” to Host its Success Flag

As we have described above, solanart was the first and largest nft marketplace on solana blockchain. This NFT Marketplace was launched in the June 2021,

  1. Solanart has sold around 600000 NFTs Since its launch. 
  2. Solanart has implemented multiple buying and listing option features  which allows users to buy and list more than one NFTs at a time.
  3.  As per the dapparadar statistics, solanart records $664.29M Trade Volume, and it has nearly 24000 traders. 
  4. Solanart mainly support below wallets

         I) Sollet
         II) Sollet chrome extension
         III) Phantom

       5. Solanart uses an on-chain and off-chain mechanism to process the data.  On-chain data show all the NFTs which are ready for sale on the main page, and  off-chain data list NFTs one by one from the NFT for sales in the wallet.

Tech Stack Of Solanart 

Solanart has been powered up with 6 to 8 technologies, which includes the below

  • SPF
  • IPv6
  • Google Apps for Business
  • LetsEncrypt

So, hope you have got some enough information about the popular NFT Marketplace Solanart. We hope you have been impressed by its statistics, and you are not alone. Just like you, many got impressed and are looking forward to creating a NFT Marketplace like Solanart. The B2B Marketplace In blockchain networks have witnessed a sudden spike in demand for launching a marketplace like solanart. Now as the title covers, let us think about in a business point of view, and discuss how to create a NFT Marketplace Like Solanart.

How To Start an NFT Marketplace Like Solanart ?

You may be an artist, creator,  NFT holder, Crypto entrepreneur who may have been attracted by the title of this article or you may be here just to explore knowledge or whatever. If you are having a single thought of starting an NFT Marketplace Like solanart, just follow the steps below.

  1. Have a clear idea and goal
  2. Create a business Plan
  3. Draft Requirements
  4. Reach out Experts
  5. Connect With Consultancies, or blockchain companies like AssetFinX
  6. Escalate requirements
  7. Be clear with your technical or technology requirements
  8. Make sure your budget is margined
  9. Make a frequent discussion with developers and keep on improving the output
  10.  Jump into the design stage.
  11. Make sure your design justifies the feature of an traditional NFT Marketplace
  12. See what’s new in NFT Marketplace and try to integrate them during the development stage
  13.  Do a complete bug fixing on every stage
  14.  Test it on your own, on all aspects
  15.  Go for a beta testing, and get public feedback
  16.  Do improvements, Fix the issues, and meet the public feedback
  17.  Launch your NFT Marketplace
  18.  Do frequent maintenance
  19.  Have complete control over the NFTs, and Data stored in the website
  20.  Keep updating your NFT Marketplace.

Features That Should Be Checklisted 

If you wish to start an NFT Marketplace Like Solanart, Make sure your marketplace is groomed below.

  1. Compatible Wallets
  2. Custom Commission fee - Market commissions, Creators fee, and Ad Fee.
  3. Buy, Sell, Mint and Cancel NFT sale
  4. 1000+ NFT Collections
  5. NFT Launchpad
  6. On-chain and Off chain Option

What’s New in Features?

  1. Shopping Cart
  2. Quick options on NFT Card
  3. List Featured NFT
  4. Trending, Featured, and highest Volume collections
  5. Mobile Friendly
  6. Light/ Dark Modes
  7. Live Chat
  8. Create and Accept Global Offers

Benefits Of Creating an NFT Marketplace Like Solanart

The utmost benefit of launching an NFT Marketplace similar to the solnart. 

  1. Instant Market Cap
  2. Guaranteed ROI
  3. No Need For Marketing
  4. Easy to attract global audience

And more..

How AssetfinX Can Assist You?

As an NFT Development Company, Assetfinx supports its clients in all their endeavours, and provides instant tech support at an affordable cost. Many nft development companies, affirms its clients to start an nft marketplace like solanart with Solanart clone script, but with limited features at an high price. But, at assetfinx we are ready to assist you with white label services from scratch to launch your Own NFT Marketplace like solanart.  If you wish to become a successful entrepreneur in NFT space, get connected with us by filling up your details and requirements in the form below.

Stay tuned!

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