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Aptos Blockchain: Setting a New Standard for Secure Web3 Transactions
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Aptos Blockchain: Setting a New Standard for Secure Web3 Transactions

Aptos Blockchain: Setting a New Standard for Secure Web3 Transactions

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Feb 07, 2023

The world has witnessed the growth of the Web3 version of the Internet from Web2. The Web3 version of the internet privileges blockchain to provide a decentralized platform and steadfast ledgers that help users to communicate with one another securely without the demand for any centralized entities or intermediaries. Blockchain as a decentralized platform uses a decentralized infrastructure layer to attract users globally.

What Is Aptos Blockchain?

Aptos is a Layer 1 blockchain that is developed mainly to provide scalability. The main aim of Aptos is to provide a blockchain that brings about a mainstream adoption to Web3 and to create a decentralized application to resolve users' problems. Aptos helps in the advancement of cutting-edge technologies and also improves blockchain reliability, performance, and safety with a modular and flexible blockchain architecture. 

This architecture accepts, adopts, and supports frequent and the latest technology advancements and delivers a first-class developed platform. Advancements are made frequently to update the core features and functionalities and to provide enhanced safety, and transparency and these are done with inspiration from the Diem blockchain.

Features of Aptos Blockchain

Aptos blockchain is developed with the following core principles,

1. Aptos is built to deliver a rapid and secure performance along with audibility and mechanical analyzability through a smart contract programming language called Move. The move is constantly in the process of advancement. 

2. A batched, pipelined, and parallelized approach is carried in the transaction process for incredibly high throughput and low latency.

3. Stake-weight validator set rotation and reputation tracking helps in the optimization of performance and decentralization.

4. Parallel transaction process supports atomicity with the arbitrarily complex transaction via Blockchain STM. It also requires upfront knowledge of data locations to read and write like existing parallel execution engines.

5. Modular designs along with threat modeling and seamless deployment allow rigorous component-level testings and guarantee secured and steadfast operations.

Types Of Tokens In Aptos

Aptos has three different tokens and they have their own unique features.

1. Fungible Token
A fungible token has a unique Token Id. This Token Id signifies that tokens sharing the same creator, collection, name, and property versions.

2. Non-Fungible Token
NFTs have different Token IDs but they all belong to the same collection and creator. These NFTs will share the same creator and collection fields in their Token Data Ids.

3. Semi-Fungible Token
The crypto community lacks in providing a proper definition for Semi-Fungible tokens. SFT combines the functionalities and properties of NFTs and fungible tokens. 

Role Of Move Language In Aptos Blockchain

Aptos uses a new smart contract programming language called Move to provide better flexibility and safety. Move originated after an inspiration from the Rust programming language. Aptos blockchain makes use of the Move object model to showcase its ledger state and additionally uses Move code to encrypt the rules of the state transition. 

The move ecosystem has a virtual machine, a compiler, and many developer tools. When the users submit the transactions they can publish new modules and upgrade existing models and can directly interact with the public interfaces of the modules.

Aptos Ownership And Network Fees

The Aptos blockchain is owned, governed, and operated by many boards of communities.  A native Aptos token is used during the transaction, for network fees, governance voting on protocol updates, and securing the blockchain through the proof-of-stake model. 

Every Aptos transaction has a gas unit price and that helps in prioritizing the highest-value transactions in the network for the validators. Users can buy Aptos native APT coins using crypto exchanges or can buy them from the native Petra wallet.

How Assetfinx Supports You?

AssetfinX is a prominent Blockchain Development Company with expert blockchain developers to develop a decentralized platform like Aptos. Aptos Blockchain is an L1 chain that is developed on the Move programming language by employing the staked validators, proof-of-stake consensus, resource objects, modular design, and parallel execution engine. If you are interested to invest and develop in these kinds of platforms that purely supports decentralized applications and smart contracts reach out to AssetfinX and we help you with the further process. 

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