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White Label IDO Launchpad Development Company
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White Label IDO Launchpad Development Company

White Label IDO Launchpad Development Company

Get into the future of crypto businesses with a ready-made IDO launchpad platform

Aug 08, 2022

White-label IDO Launchpad Development 

White Label IDO Launchpad is a launch ready solution that is multi-tested to offer a hassle free platform. IDO stands for the project's Initial Coin Offering on a decentralized cryptocurrency market. IDO has begun to catch the interest of cryptocurrency investors in its early stages. Cryptocurrencies, music collections, and aether-powered warships are just a few of the items for which IDOs can be created.

AssetFinx is an IDO Launchpad Development Company that supports the creation of IDO platforms and raises money for blockchain-based enterprises. For business owners looking for liquidity pools that add fundraising chances to the DEX exchanges, the top IDO development company provides world-class IDO services.

Benefits Of Creating An IDO

Compatible With Different Blockchain Technologies

Our IDO Launchpad operating system is compatible with a number of significant blockchain platforms, including Polkadot, Tron, and EOS, which enable the production of customized tokens.

Module For Multi-Layer Staking

Investors can build many tiers of participation managers in funding rounds using our IDO platform development services and the tokens deposited on the platform.

Built-In Wallet

Users of our platform can obtain tokens from a variety of plans of their choice due to an integrated wallet.

KYC Accordance

Before approving the use of the platform, the owner can verify the user's identity due to KYC Compliance.

Cryptocurrency Schemes List

Users can identify new tokens and make investments in order to support the fund-raising efforts of their plans on our IDO Launchpad, which includes an organized list of cryptocurrency plans.

Quick Token Distribution

The IDO boot board responds quickly to platform sales openings with our swift token allocation. Depending on their investments, investors receive different tokens.

Investor Pool Administration

Your ability to create several investor pools is provided by our IDO Launchpad Board. This feature's primary purpose is not to increase membership in the investor federation.

Features To Be Included In The White Label IDO Launchpad Development

Wallet Integration

For the transfer and storage of IDO tokens, our launchpad solutions include wallet integration services with highly secure and adaptable wallet architecture.

Compatible With Blockchain

On any well-known blockchain network, including Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Solana, and others, we provide the IDO launchpad development.

Control of Liquidity Pools

The admin can assume full control of the many pools made by several investors due to the decentralized launchpad platform we develop.

Instant Token Issuance

When the platform conducts an open sale, our launchpad platform makes sure that users receive their tokens quickly based on their deposits.

Genuine Platform

Investors can trust the platform as every project that is proposed to be posted on it can have its validity checked by its admin.

Precise Staking Model

The platform allows investors to engage in various investment rounds and effectively stake tokens.

Step to Step Guide to IDO Launchpad Development

Listed below is a simple way to create an IDO launchpad.

Requirements Analysis

Decide your idea carefully and how to proceed with the project after identifying your needs and requirements. This includes the blockchain you decide to base your platform on.

Whitepaper Creation

The IDO launchpad whitepaper should be written in a way that reflects the overall reputation of your company. For your business, a well-written whitepaper can make the difference between failure and success.

Pick between the Customizable or pre-made solutions

For your IDO launchpad, you have the choice of either beginning from scratch or tailoring a ready-made solution. 

Token Creation

The next step is to create the tokens for your launchpad. You must make a choice regarding the characteristics of your tokens in this phase.


To ensure your platform is bug-free, you must conduct a thorough testing procedure that includes evaluating multiple test cases.


Last but not least, your IDO launchpad must be deployed on the blockchain, requiring frequent updates to guarantee efficient operation and customer support.

Top Blockchain Networks For IDO Launchpad Development


Ethereum is of the biggest blockchain network that is decentralized, open-source blockchain with smart contract functionality. Ethereum holds the largest trade volume up to now. 

Binance Smart Chain

Binance Smart Chain is a blockchain network of the Binance. It is one of the top valued blockchain ecosystem. This remarkable chain is released in 2020. 


Polygon is a scalability platform from Indian blockchain. it overcome the challenges faced by ethereum such as high fees, poor user experience, and low transaction count per second. It aims to create a multi-chain blockchain ecosystem compatible with Ethereum.


Avalanche is a decentralized, open-source proof of stake blockchain with smart contract functionality. Reports says that Avalanche may soon become second to Ethereum or even it can over take ethereum. 

Still not convinced? Let's look at some more advantages of picking AssetFinx,

Why AssetFinx for IDO Launchpad Development?

  • Easy to customize as per your needs.
  • Helps you automate business processes.
  • Aids in focusing on your target audience.
  • Completely scalable.
  • Easy to adapt to the prevailing trends.

I'm sure that your choice was the right one!

Want to talk to us? Just send us a WhatsApp ping, email, or more. 

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